If you Love and believe in what you do, I really want to get to know you

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I’m Laís Scortegagna and I help passionate boss ladies, like you, who want to to express who they are on their brand and website and connect with clients who love what you do and are excited to work with you.  

The only problem is you’re overthinking “How’s this gonna make me look” and you’re struggling to communicate your vision visually. You might be suffering from “website shame” or feeling less than enough because your website and branding (or lack of it) aren’t professional looking.

You have a unique personality but maybe you left it out of business fearing that you’d not be taken seriously. Guess what? You can be whole and professional at the same time.

Captivating Communication™ can help you attract clients who are thankful for finding you.

Together we’ll align your business with yourself into a cohesive brand that builds trust and desire, grabbing your customer’s attention in seconds.
Your website can work as your best employee, bringing you clients who love what you do, so that you feel confident and start enjoying your path to creating meaningful work in the world.

Is this you?


Delivering a top notch offer but...

…feeling your current brand and website don’t reflect the professional you are and the quality of what you offer.

With a sales page up with great copy but...

…afraid to raise prices because your brand doesn’t reflect your worth.


Following all the rules of a website that sells but...

…still not selling as much as you could even with the opt-in above the fold and buy buttons contrasting with the background like yellow on red McDonalds logo.


In business for a while and enjoying some wins but...

…procrastinating to invest on branding because no one gets your vision and you don’t want another wrong website.

Doing everything to succeed but...

…you’re overwhelmed by tech and so many things people say you “should” do and still have a feeling you might be missing a fundamental piece (a captivating brand, maybe?).

If you answered YES to some of those things, you might be losing potential customers due to confusing communication. And by that I don’t mean only your copy.

People judge your business by the way it looks
before even reading a line.
(sad but true)

Many entrepreneurs have amazing products or services but struggle getting the attention of people who love what you offer and buy.

You can go from feeling “website shame”, losing potential customers to feeling as one with your business and having a tool that works for you 24/7 to help you get to the heart of the most amazing clients who are happy to pay for what you do with so much love.

That’s what Captivating Communication™ is all about.

What if your brand and website could make your perfect client jump in happiness in just a few seconds to say:

“That’s what I need!”


Having a website so on point that clients can feel you and know when your offer is right for them.
Getting clients who value what you offer, love it and tell their friends about you, bringing you even more clients.
Hear people say they are grateful for finding you and excited for your offer all the time!
Ending the overwhelm and feeling undervalued and start enjoying the path you chose.
Feeling amazing about the way you present your business and vision to the world!
Having a partner who can see through your eyes and highlight your best so that others can see it too.

Why does it matter?

Because I know you don’t want to be an “employee” to clients who undervalue your work.

The whole point of being your own boss is doing it your way and connecting the way you want to connect while doing amazing things.

Because people who love what you do are the best clients. The ones who buy more (and again), tell their friends about you and feel good about buying from you.

Those people are out there and want to meet you!

You’ll have:

All-in-one service with personal attention you can rely on. Never feel in a vacuum without the assistance you need. Have a partner not just a service.
Your responsive website working for you as your best employee to position yourself as the real deal and dazzle your audience whether they are on desktop, smartphone or tablet.
A brand identity that’s true to you and feels right for your ideal customer and user experience that builds trust and desire, lowering buying resistance.
Captivating Communication that addresses the need for meaning so that you create a real connection with your audience and make your customers feel special and turn into fans.
Positioning and communication strategy that removes doubts so that your customers, feel there’s no one like you and get excited about your offer.


  • Your Brand Map with the key elements to keep your message consistent and be seen the way you want to be seen.
  • A digital file with every element of your brand identity and visual language. All the details that add personality and gives richer flavors to your brand.
  • Basic optimization for search engines and social media sharing.
  • Ongoing support for a month after the delivery (just in case you need a friendly hand to get started).

Every project is custom, so you’ll get what you need plus some special things I know you’ll love. What about having your own print, illustrations or animated bits?


Let’s grab a coffee and chat! I’d love surprising you.

We’ll align your business to yourself and not the other way around. And if anyone tells you you should leave your personality out of your business, they’re wrong.

I know this is too important for you to leave it in the hands of someone who doesn’t understand you.

That’s why Captivating Communication Plan was designed as a partnership where I’m gonna learn to see the world through your eyes so that we can bring the brand you already have to life.

Can’t be that good? Check what my wonderful clients are saying.

“I’ve been able to increase my revenue, I officially booked out for Fall 2017 semester. I have more consults calls than ever before and have other women who are in the academic coaching field reaching out to be about how I’ve gotten my brand to be so professional and consistent with who I am and how I show up”.

Clarissa Rodriguez, Study Skills Strategist 

“I love the website!!! A friend told me it looks like me. I had questions about a personalized work be developed at a distance, bur the way you describe the process on your website and the way you conduct the creative process makes us feel hugged! Your process, dedication, knowledge and the ability to listen made the result be unique and extremely personalized. I felt comfortable and supported. You convey security and knowledge of what you’re doing. This was the first step towards a career change and a major change in my life and you exceeded my expectations”.
Juliana Schreurs, Arquitect

“I needed a brand which represented myself as a whole. Both the lawyer and the athlete and the work with children and teenagers. Because I’m all of those things. I advocate, I write about children and teenagers victims of violence and abuse and I compete in SUP. When I saw the one, my heart sped up! The result was exactly what I expected. There were many conversations and sketches and the result was perfect.”
Luciane Potter, Lawyer and SUP athlete

“I felt I got a much greater result than I had dreamed of. The greatest benefit was a brand a materialized idea. But it was made possible thanks to other benefits that work cumulatively and individually are key. Self-knowledge, better knowledge of the better customer I want to get and visualizing my ideas into concrete images. I recommend it to all entrepreneurs who want to put their voice in their project, instead of robotizing it. To everyone who wants to discover their own brand with unique style and message.”
Clara Salvadori - journalist & filmmaker at Clara Salvadori Filmes

This is for you if

You got at least a few paying clients and you know where to find more.
You’re able to support yourself and your business.

You know what’s your offer and how to write basic copy (or have someone to do this for you).

You are creating content and you know having it all centralized on your website is crucial.

You know that having a welcoming website that shows who you are and invites your client to stay is as important for an online business as a front store is for a regular business.


This feels right for you right now (ultimately, that’s what really matters).

This is not for you if

You haven’t got any paying clients yet and you have no idea where to start.
You can’t invest the money right now.
You’re not clear on what’s your business and have no idea who wants what you offer.

You believe if you have a build it they will come. I won’t fool you. It takes more than a beautiful website to get clients.

You don’t value the client’s experience with your brand.

You don’t feel it’s the right fit or don’t want a WordPress website (no hard feelings).

Investment: $ 5400

or 4 payments of $ 1350

or 6 payments of $ 900

Get involved in your brand and website creation without the frustration of trying to do everything by yourself. Whether you sell products or services, we’ll make every aspect of it feel like you. No disconnection between you and your brand, faster than you would expect a personalized project could be.

When you have a website that feels human and truly works in alignment with you, you’ll get noticed by more of the best clients.

When you start to captivate customers and do it consistently, those potential clients can turn into buyers and then into advocates, creating a virtuous cycle that you can keep feeding with ease.


You want to captivate clients in your own special way. Schedule a consult.

Dream it. It’s possible.

Step 1. Pick a day and time for us to get to know each other and talk about your ideas for your wonderful business. No strings attached. (you can do this right here)

Step 2. Answer the questions in the form. Before we talk I want to know a little more about you and your expectations.

Step 3. Watch your email inbox. You’ll receive a confirmation and reminders. Set the date and time on your calendar so you won’t miss the consult.

Step 4. The consult! I’ll love to meet you.

Step 5. If you decide to work with me, we start the project! I will send you the next steps and we’re good to go. If you decide it’s not exactly what you need, I’ll be happy to refer you to other resources that can help you get what you want.


Take a look at the FAQ below. If your question isn’t there, send me an email to lais@yourcaptivatingbrand.com and I’ll reply to you ASAP.

Do I have to know how My brand should look like?

No. Captivating Communication Plan is a service that allows you to have the involvement that you want in creating your brand and online presence without the frustration of trying to do everything by yourself and risking getting stuck. I’ll create for you but we’re together in this.

I know this is too important for you to leave it in the hands of someone who doesn’t understand you. That’s why this plan is a partnership where I will learn to see the world through your eyes so we can give life to the brand that you have already envisioned in your mind.

What do I get?

The plan gives you positioning and brand identity and your website design reflecting your brand and ready to provide amazing experience to your ideal clients. You will receive a digital folder with your logo in all file formats, fonts, visual elements and a guide for your brand.

I help you with your copy so it will have your voice. Your website goes live and you have guidance on how to manage it and video walkthrough.

If you need something that’s not included, you can ask me. Things you can think of: Social media graphics matching your identity, PDF worksheets or opt-in, your own pattern or illustrations, any necessary printed products, presentation slides, among other possibilities.

Dream it. It’s possible.

How long does it take?

Projects take 3 months. 

I work with only a few clients per year so that I can give you all the attention you deserve. If spots are taken, don’t worry. If you choose to work with me to create your captivating brand and website for your business I’ll book you to start ASAP.

What if something happens in my life and it delays?

It’s okay 🙂 I know better than anyone that life plays tricks on us and not everything goes the way we plan, as much as we try. This plan is crafted to make your life easier, not harder. If you chose to work with me you’ll have a partner, not a contract with a date for the goodbye.

If something happens, your project goes standby and I await for you. No penalties for breach of contract. I know this is risky for me and that’s why no one does it, but I really believe in the people I work with.

When you’re ready, I’ll fit you on my schedule and everything continues as if it had never stopped. As a gathering of old friends.

It might take a few more months to fit you so I ask you to be patient too. If you have a deadline it’s crucial that you deliver your copy and pictures on time as well.

What if I have a brand or website already?

A logo and some colors aren’t all there is to your brand. Have you worked deeply into it? This is about reflecting all that you are and the vision you have into your brand. And if you’re ready to rebrand and step up your game and really do this right, this is for you.

Launching something? We can make sure your brand is on point and your sales page is engaging clients. Schedule a consult and let’s find out what works for you. I’ll tell you if this package is for you or if a VIP Week is just what you need. 

Where should I send the details?

Where should I send the details?

Where should I send it?