A sacred circle to find your voice and lead with love.

You could manifest miracles if you would simply use your voice.

You are the person who is always staying quiet so others have a chance to speak. You patiently wait your turn, thinking your own experience isn’t a big deal. And then you end up not saying anything at all because you feel that someone else’s story is more deserving of attention.

It’s part of your empathic nature. You’re tuned into the thoughts and feelings of others, and this can be a great strength—but it can also make you hold yourself back when it’s important to boldly step forward.

The people who always hold the space for others also need their chance to speak up and be heard. They often have deep insights that have not yet been explored. Their compassion and their commitment to listen while others talk makes them the keepers of great wisdom. This person is you.

It’s time for your voice to be heard.

Maybe it’s very hard to believe that it’s OK for you to use your voice. You may have even been told by other people that you don’t have a good voice, or that you don’t get to speak.

Imagine if Bob Dylan had listened to the people telling him that he didn’t have a good voice.
Or if Glennon Doyle had listened to the people telling her that she didn’t get to talk.

And if you’re thinking “Yeah, but I’m not Glennon Doyle,” keep reading. This is definitely for you.

Because speaking up is not only something you need to do for other people. It is also vital for manifesting what YOU want in the world.

If you want to create the reality you desire, you must open your heart and throat to ask for it. (If you’ve been feeling like the Law of Attraction works for everyone else but not for you, this is likely the piece you’ve been missing!)

Using your voice opens your heart and your throat so your desires can be received. But that’s not the full story…

Your body is literally an antenna and a transmitter.

When you share your sound, you vibrate your entire body at a certain frequency. Up until now, have you been aware of what that frequency is? Are you vibrating in resonance with the opportunities and experiences you want? Or have you been transmitting and calling in some old patterns that may not be serving you?

It’s time to learn how to play your instrument and create the resonance of your desires. It’s time to use your voice to claim what you really want.

Does that feel scary to you?

(Spoiler alert: That means you are ready!)

And don’t worry. You can connect to your voice in a way that feels easy, joyful, and completely safe.

Are you ready to lose…

The fear of speaking up
The fear of taking up space or time
Thinking you don’t have a story to tell or that no one would care about it
Any old beliefs that bad things happen when you speak up
The fear of being too much

Old patterns and outcomes that feel stifling

Are you ready to gain…

An incredible lightness from letting go of any judgments about your voice or your story
Fierce confidence from feeling the fear and showing up anyway
The ecstatic pleasure of allowing yourself to be truly seen, heard, and loved exactly as you are
Your power mirrored back at you
An entrained body memory of the power of your own voice that you can recall in those moments when you need some extra courage
Permission to be vulnerable, imperfect, and beautiful

Freedom to manifest the future your heart truly desires


is the safe and sacred space to reclaim your sound and embrace your full power to create the life you desire.


Leadership and voice is coming easier now. Thank you. It’s time.
Going out of my comfort zone with all of you was very liberating.
This was really really powerful. I’ve been able to re-write a story that has been with me since childhood.
“Oh my God, I’m feeling bliss now! When was the last time I felt bliss?”
I truly believed magic was going to come from it and magic is exactly what I got.
You guys “forced” me of letting go of the fear of being judged.

As a result of Sound Your Story…

You will leave behind your silence and fully embody your own gorgeous sound as the vibration of your spirit.

You will transmute old stories into anchors of who you truly want to be and what reality you want to create. This might look like fully embodying stories that right now feel like “not a big deal” or that you don’t have the right to own. Or it might look like resignifying stories that currently feel heavy, and seeing how they were actually key steps along the path to who you are meant to be.

You will learn to use your voice as a powerful tool that vibrates your whole being at the frequency of intention. Using your sound, you will open your heart and your throat so you can create your reality and manifest what you desire.

This is not about singing beautifully. This is about resonating with your destiny and using your entire body as a transmitter that sends your intention out into the quantum field to attract what you want.

I was like: “what am I doing?” Here I am saying I’m letting go of fear and yet I’m afraid of this. I feel like I’m starting. I did things here that I would never do cause I never do anything like that. So it was very new and different and definitely got me in a whole different comfort zone than I’m used to but was really fun.
Doing this with you guys for the first time was terrifying and I was so shy, but you guys were helping me come out of my shell and many more people find their voice. And I see the change in me just by the support of other women and I really hope so many more people find you guys. And you know that I’m gonna be back because I’m addicted now. So thank you!
Thank you ladies for bringing absolute healing bombs today to my space. All of it. It was literally the warmest honey spiritual balm that just filled me and I am really really really grateful to all of you.

Even though I’ve been moving my body and singing I realize that it wasn’t fun. And this experience for me was. The connection, hearing what you were saying.

I was initially nervous as I didn’t know what was going to happen and I didn’t know anyone except Lais. My experience turned out to be very transformative. I enjoyed the flow of the workshop and the way we all got to know each other creatively and supportively. I experienced a transformative shift not only in the story that I used in the workshop (dad), but for several days afterward, I rewrote other stories (mom, grandma, co-workers, etc.) and am using the tools throughout daily life.
Singing it out is such a beautiful healing process what happening here tonight. I feel so much lighter and so much stronger in myself and in my power. I mean, I’m shaking because I can just feel it all coming! It’s so much magic and so much healing just swirling around me right now. And I’m so grateful to have shared this with you guys and to be experiencing this. Beyond incredible. Thank you thank you thank you!
Thank you @laisscort and @writewithmegan for holding the safe space today to sound into my intelligence, wisdom, truth, and leadership. I am Bliss. Just what was needed.
All these beautiful things happening as a result of simply singing or uttering sounds. I’m gonna carry that visual that the angels actually let me sing to them for the rest of my life! Thank you for creating the space for us.
I’ve spent the majority of my life pretending to be something that I thought somebody else needed me to be and lost myself in the process. So me coming out and doing these things is liberating. Going out of my comfort zone with all of you was very liberating.

You will leave the experience with…

A deeper connection to your breath, your body, and your voice.
Simple vocal practices you can use in your daily life to feel more rooted and radiant.
Writing activities you can call upon to help you navigate big feelings or challenging times when they arise so that you don’t have to return to the old patterns of shame, blame, or anxiety.
Beautiful connections you will make with other soul sisters on the call.

And all with just a few powerful shifts that you can experience in only 2 hours.

We know you may be wondering
“What exactly does that look like…?”

You do not need any special knowledge or any experience with singing, storytelling, or using your voice. Simply bring yourself.

Here’s how the experience will unfold:

Opening Circle where you can set an intention for the time and ground yourself in the safe and sacred space we will be creating. (This is a step that many people skip, and it’s why in the past you may have felt uncomfortable sharing your voice!)

Grounding Information that will help you understand the power of what you’ll be doing in the rest of the workshop so that you know exactly what to expect and the method behind the madness. 😉

Warm Up Techniques to help you lose any self-consciousness and find the fun, joyful, sense of play that will help you get the most out of this workshop. These techniques are also your party favors. You can use them in your daily life to bring yourself back to your body when you need to feel more rooted and radiant.

Embody Your Voice practices that will allow you to expand and fully embody your sound. You will gain comfort with your own voice and open your heart and your throat.

Embody Your Story exercises that will help you discover which story is ready to be transmuted and will also be available to you in the future when you want to shift your thoughts and feelings around a story you’re telling yourself.

Catharsis and Transmutation Rituals to re-create or resignify your story. We’ll use both writing and sound to transmute your current story into one that serves you and your highest intention.

Celebration and Integration to anchor what you have learned and discovered so that this powerful experience follows you from the sacred circle out into the rest of your life.

Your Guides

Megan Barnhard helps bold thinkers embrace their authentic voice and write their magic messaging. With 14 years’ experience as a writing coach and business owner, Megan knows the power of authentic storytelling—and also how challenging it can be to see your own beautiful, messy story. She uses her Story Magician superpowers to help entrepreneurs connect the dots and find their writing flow so they magnetically attract the clients they feel called to serve. In addition to coaching, Megan has authored 3 books about the writing process, blogged about writing for over 6 years, and penned copy for online marketing experts and a New York Times best-selling author.

Lais Scort is a soul seer, visibility coach and magic spaceholder for divine creators to see their true power and delight in it. She guides soul-led women to bring their inner light to shine outside through astrology, sound and radiance rituals in this realm and in the imaginal by activating the parts of them that have been hidden.
In 2008, after breaking her neck in a pool dive she had a conversation with a spirit guide who gave her the option of continuing or going back because it wouldn’t be easy. She decided to continue and even through quadriplegia she trusted her path would be guided.
In the meanwhile she got international recognition as an aligned branding expert but felt the urge to express all aspects of her the same way she encouraged her clients to do. After the sudden passing of her dad the calling to be a frequency holder got loud and clear and with her dad guiding her from the spirit realm she embraced the calling.
Lais is the founder of Your Captivating Brand™ and the host of the Soul Sounds Lighthouse podcast, a portal of energy transmissions from spirit guides streaming light frequencies through sound.

It’s time to use your voice and sound your story.

You do not need to stay silent any longer. In fact, right now, you may be feeling an actual physical discomfort from keeping your voice cooped up inside you.

That’s because the world needs your voice and the amazing future you are destined to create.

So are you ready to unleash them?


next session: Monday, March 15, 2021


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