Get known for what you do, be irreplaceable, stand out!


Learn HOW TO how to express who you are SO THAT IT WILL BE A NO-BRAINER FOR ideal clients TO CHOOSE YOU.

Discovering how you captivate is crucial for getting the attention of people who want to buy from you.

One of the easiest ways you drive customers away is to look and sound like someone else in your field.

You must be authentic. But this is easier said than done.

I will help you discover why people like you, know the impact you make in people’s lives and how to show they can’t afford not to hire you.

If you have a business, simply having an offer isn’t good enough. You have to stand out, get known and show you care.

The biggest mistake people make in trying to differentiate themselves is to become something that it’s different but it’s not themselves.

It creates disconnection and humans want connection.

Of course, you won’t make this mistake.

Kendrick Shope

Clarissa Rodriguez

“I discovered more about my own project than I thought it was possible because the process made me look inside. I felt understood by Lais. She is sensitive and understands what I want, what I need and ended up showing me other things I want and need, but had been unaware of. She looks at our blind spot. I discovered aspects of my personality and how it better reflects in my work and the client I want to get. Once I had those answers, it was possible to think  image and action from scratch. The colors and meaning of my business, words that actually translate what I do. Together, we gave voice to my project and I got a partner from the beginning to this moment.”

Clara Salvadori - journalist & filmmaker at Clara Salvadori Filmes

A meeting with the best of you

> $397

The session happens on Zoom and you’ll get a recording of it plus your workbook and brand map.

In 2 hours we’re gonna digg deep into how you captivate to:

  • Find the meaning behind your brand and product or service so that you can create a real connection with your audience.
  • Bring your soul to your brand so that people feel like they know you trust you and buy from you.
  • Craft your brand’s main message that shows how you add value to your clients’ lives and why they should care. 
  • Get clear on your perfect client (it’s not a demographic) so that you can attract the right people.
  • Create a guide for a consistent look and and feel throughout platforms so that people know like and trust you.

+ Follow up session to align your identity and get confident in expressing your vision to the world.

+ Your one page Brand Map to implement and stand out.

Even if you’re new in this your customers need to know you’re worthy of their money and time.

This is what a consistent brand does for you. It gives a sense of credibility that earns trust. 

Step 1. Pick a day and time for your session (you can do this on the next page after clicking the button).

Step 2. After picking a date you’ll have a short form to fill and a button that will take you to PayPal to complete your payment.

Step 3. Watch your email inbox. You’ll receive a confirmation from me with next steps. Before we talk I want to know a little more about you so that you can take the best out of our session.

Step 4. Follow the email instructions and set the date and time on your calendar so you won’t miss the session.

Step 5. The session! Before we start, I’ll share our workbook with you. It will be wonderful to help youshine in all your colors so the word can see it.

This service is the first step of Captivating Communication™ Plan – the complete package to craft a brand and website with soul and experience that connects. For beginners, it will give you the foundation for the vision you have for your brand.

A sacred circle to find your voice and lead with love. 


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Where should I send the details?