VIDEO 3: The missing piece on your opt-in sequence: a captivating thank you page

You have an opt-in (or not) that is getting a few subscribes but that’s it.

  • No clients coming from it
  • No sales
  • Nothing


I understand.

The problem with opt-ins is that … IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT THE Freebie.

Nor about how much you give, but HOW YOU PRESENT YOURSELF TO YOUR IDEAL CLIENT.

In Your Captivating Opt-in Masterclass you’ll be creating an opt-in that actually helps you CREATE A NAME FOR YOU + YOUR BRAND.

It’s all about the first impression.

I’m gonna be sharing the top strategies on how to create an amazing first impression and captivate people in the first touchpoint people have with you.

In other words:

Make your opt-in draw people to work with you instead of collect dust in their hard drive.

This class is live and will take place on Zoom. It will also be recorded so if you can’t attend live you still get all the goodies and access to my feedback and help in the private Facebook group.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn:

  • Define the best format to deliver your opt-in
  • Start with the most important, often neglected piece: naming
  • Know what magic words to use as it relates to your personality
  • The simple like ABC opt-in structure: Attention grabbing, Beneficial solution, Call to action
  • How to make a great first impression so that people remember who’s that person in their inbox
  • Learn the structure of the video that makes people want to engage and how to create it with what you already have


? 2 Video scripts and how to use them (different than the ones you’ve learned)
? 4 opt-in templates (growing library)
? First email template
? Thank you page template
? List of magic words and power words for each personality style
? Copy hacks to get people interested
??‍? 25 min tech video tutorial
? Secret Facebook Group for feedback

I  told you you’ll have all you need, right?!

All of this for only $97.


If you read this far, you know this is the right choice for you.

Can’t wait for you to know exactly how to apply this to your business!


Where should I send the details?

Where should I send the details?

Where should I send it?