Ignite your soul and shine your inner light in everything you create

You’re here creating something beautiful and making people’s lives better.

Your brand is an extension of your heart, radiating your light and reaching the hearts of soulmate clients and audience… When you don’t make yourself small to you fit the industry.

I’m Laís Scortegagna (Lais Scort)

  •  Soul seer & light being.
  • Visibility coach and magic spaceholder for soul-led entrepreneurs and creators, like you, to see their true power and delight in it.
  • Sound priestess and independent artist creating music to help my soul family in our journey in this planet.
  • Guided by Spirit. 

I am all of that and I know you have multiple parts of you too. That combination is unique about you and you shouldn’t have to pick each part of you is appropriate to share.

Authenticity is not about picking the most interesting part of you but about embodying all of you. Being whole and true to what’s inside you. But we need to remember and reconnect to what that is first.

That’s easier said than done and forcing it doesn’t make it easier. But we can get in alignment with truth through the subtle realms.

How to get there? Through a portal to the imaginal realms. Hint… it’s not in the center of your head, but within your heart.

The tools:

Soul Sounds: Singing is shaping breath (life itself) into sound. Music heals, transmutes, it’s catharsis, alchemy, self expression, cocreation. And I bring it to my work with clients to help bring all sides of your expression together.

Journeys: Journeying give us access to worlds within worlds and even to create our own.

Astrology: the symbolic language that gives us an understanding of the multiple energies at play so that we can navigate this plane. 

Radiance Rituals: your unique way to align and realign in a constant movement of reconnecting, remembering, relearning.

I’m here helping those with a sense of mission to bring their inner light to shine outside in everything you create so that you enjoy your sacred service and your vibration captivates the people you’re meant to help from the moment they find you.

I specialize in rebirths.

Your personal support in reinventing yourself and stripping the layers that are not truly you so you become whole and express everything you have in you.

When you become visible to yourself first, you can see all the possibilities and choose your adventures.

When we work together my goal is to guide you to your true guide speaking to you inside your heart so you can trust your path.

Because to be radiant you must hold fire within you. And it can scare the shit out of some. But not you.

You’re ready to tend to the fire to feed your dreams and warm other people’s hearts.

You’re ready for the joy of being who you truly are. Because you were given this mission for a reason: to dream it into reality.

Let’s go on a journey together?



You’ve outgrown your shell, rising star.

It’s time to break free and shine your light. 

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