Your business comes from your heart. Let’s make your brand and website show it!

Your website is you when you’re not there. How do you want to make your public feel?

I’m Laís Scortegagna and I help passionate boss ladies, like you, to express their vision and align their brands with who they are so that they stand out, build trust and captivate clients from the moment someone lands on their website.

The difference between an ok website and a website that captivates is that the last one feels like you and makes your client smile.

And if you can do this through your website, you’ll have the trust of someone that will remember you and always choose you.

Having a common website today is the equivalent of having your business in the phone book in the past. But the phone book was never enough. You know you want to be more than a number on the list.

Because you can and will craft your captivating brand.

Wanna learn the secrets of Captivating Communication™ and get free insights and guidance?

“I’ve been able to increase my revenue, I officially booked out for Fall 2017 semester. I have more consults calls than ever before and have other women who are in the academic coaching field reaching out to be about how I’ve gotten my brand to be so professional and consistent with who I am and how I show up”.

Clarissa Rodriguez, Study Skills Strategist 

“I love the website!!! A friend told me it looks like me. I had questions about a personalized work be developed at a distance, bur the way you describe the process on your website and the way you conduct the creative process makes us feel hugged! Your process, dedication, knowledge and the ability to listen made the result be unique and extremely personalized. I felt comfortable and supported. You convey security and knowledge of what you’re doing. This was the first step towards a career change and a major change in my life and you exceeded my expectations”. Juliana Schreurs, Arquitect

“I needed a brand which represented myself as a whole. Both the lawyer and the athlete and the work with children and teenagers. Because I’m all of those things. I advocate, I write about children and teenagers victims of violence and abuse and I compete in SUP. When I saw the one, my heart sped up! The result was exactly what I expected. There were many conversations and sketches and the result was perfect.” Luciane Potter, Lawyer and SUP athlete

“I felt I got a much greater result than I had dreamed of. The greatest benefit was a brand a materialized idea. But it was made possible thanks to other benefits that work cumulatively and individually are key. Self-knowledge, better knowledge of the better customer I want to get and visualizing my ideas into concrete images. I recommend it to all entrepreneurs who want to put their voice in their project, instead of robotizing it. To everyone who wants to discover their own brand with unique style and message.”

Clara Salvadori - journalist & filmmaker at Clara Docs

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