Lais Scort is a brazilian light being, soul seer, frequency holder, soul’s sounds singer, and magic spaceholder for divine creators to see their true power and delight in it.

She guides soul-led women to bring their inner light to shine outside through music, online ceremonies and sisterhood containers where channeling, astrology, sound and radiance rituals in this realm and in the imaginal lead the way to activate the parts of you that have been hidden.

In 2008, after breaking her neck in a pool dive she had a conversation with a spirit guide who gave her the option of continuing or going back because it wouldn’t be easy. She decided to continue and even through quadriplegia she trusted her path would be guided.

In the meanwhile she got international recognition as an aligned branding expert but felt the urge to express all aspects of her the same way she encouraged her clients to do. After the sudden passing of her dad the calling to be a frequency holder got loud and clear and with her dad guiding her from the spirit realm she embraced the calling.

Lais is also the founder of Your Captivating Brand™ where she mentors soulmate clients on visibility and brand vibration, and the host of the Soul Sounds Lighthouse podcast, a portal of energy transmissions from spirit guides streaming light frequencies through sound.





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