Your Captivating Brand presents
inner Light session

Brand direction and guidance based on you + your astrological birth chart. 

True alignment can bypass time spent “trying hard”.

Imagine finally aligning your brand to yourself. 

Finding just the right colors and fonts
Planning a photoshoot where you actually love your pictures and have the right image for every situation.
Or adjusting that one thing that’s still bothering you on your brand or page on your website but you can’t quite tell what’s wrong with it.

How would that feel like?

The Inner Light Session makes it easy by using Astrology + Heart-centric branding to fine tunning your brand and help you bring the light you have inside to shine outside.

You’ll discover:

The energies you bring with you since you were born that make you special
How you come across and how to shine your light brighter
You’ll learn how to describe your brand and what superpowers you have that you might be downplaying
Practical application in your visual representation (colors, fonts, what to emphasise in your photoshoot)
+ you’ll know how to make your life easier (yes, there are points in your chart that show you how things can flow better)

It’s time to stop overthinking how your brand should look like and start living it.

How it works:

  1.  Book a call and answer the questions in the form.
  2. You’ll receive a heart-centric branding exercise. You can do this anytime before the follow up session.
  3. In the session you’ll have your birth chart read from a branding perspective and can ask questions. Come with an intention in mind so that I can customize the follow up for you.
  4. We have a follow up session to align your brand, photoshoot or “fill in the blank” to YOU.
  5. You receive recordings from the sessions, suggestions and any assets we discussed (like color codes, fonts, etc) via email. If you pick the option to have a PDF guide you’ll receive that as well.


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