Your Captivating Brand presents
inner Light session

Brand direction and guidance based on you + your astrological birth chart. 

True alignment can bypass time spent “trying hard”.

Imagine finally aligning your business to yourself. 

Knowing how you lead and how to be more radiant
Being certain of your true purpose and owning it
Finding just the right colors and fonts to reflect your energy
Plan a photoshoot where you actually love your pictures and have the right image for every situation

Or resolving that one thing that’s still bothering you on your brand or business but you can’t quite tell what’s wrong

How would that feel like?

The Inner Light Session makes it easy by using Astrology + Heart-centric branding to fine tunne your brand and help you bring the light you have inside to shine outside.

You’ll reconnect with:

The energies you bring with you since you were born that make you special

Your soul’s purpose 

Your radiance and power

You’ll discover:

How you come across and how to shine your light brighter

How to describe your brand and what superpowers you have that you might be downplaying

Practical application in your visual representation (colors, fonts, what to emphasise in your message and photoshoot)
How to make your life easier (yes, there are points in your chart that show you how things can flow better)

It’s time to stop overthinking how your brand should look like and start living it.

How it works

  1. Book a call and answer the questions in the form.
  2. You’ll receive a heart-centric branding exercise. You can do this anytime before the follow up session.
  3. In the session you’ll have your birth chart read and can ask questions. Come with an intention in mind so that I can customize the follow up for you.
  4. We have a follow up integration session. In this you can bring questions and we can discuss your purpose and next steps or your aligned brand, photoshoot or “fill in the blank”.
  5. You receive recordings from the sessions + suggestions and any assets we discussed (like color codes, fonts, etc) via email.

If you pick the option to have a PDF guide you’ll receive that as well. Only pick this if you want a PDF with instructions on how to use your brand colors and fonts or for the photographer in a photoshoot. You still get the guidance in the call if you don’t select this.

Ready to Book your session now? only $333.

What clients are saying:

Anastasia Lengyel

Working with Lais was one of the best business investments ever. And I invested a lot. Wonder why? She gave me clarity on a level I‘ve never experienced before.

I felt so seen and heard during our sessions that I’ve cried tears of joy.
Through working with her I’ve got the confirmation and finally gained real confidence in fully living my purpose.

On top she gave me killer branding recommendations, that so reflected who I am. My branding never felt more exciting. It’s an unbelievable gift she gave me.

Thanks to the Universe for bringing Lais into this world. She‘s a blessing for everyone who wants their authentic self reflected in their branding.

Megan Barnhard

Writing Coach

My biggest challenge in business has always been balancing connection with leadership. 

The session exceeded my expectations. Your description of me via my chart felt spot-on, and it really helped me see the bigger picture of both my strengths and my weaknesses and how I can use my strengths to overcome challenges.

You not only tapped into my tendencies, strengths, and challenges in my writing coaching business to reveal laser-focused insights, but you also gave me practical tools I can use to recenter or regain my energy when I get stuck.

The absolute best part of the session was seeing how I can successfully show up as a leader and be visible by being my authentic self.

I think I had equated “being a leader” with being serious. Knowing I can lead by doing what I do naturally — having fun, being creative, sharing stories — is such a beautiful relief.

I feel lighter after our session, as if I’ve set down a heavy weight. I feel unencumbered.

As someone very sensitive to energies, I really appreciate your ability to create a safe, secure container for this immense shift. You gave me the perfect amount to be able to take in and integrate so I can start showing up online as my true self.

Lindsay Gomez

Thank you for allowing me to tap in your genius last week! Truly, it was eye-opening to see where I’ve been getting in my own way for decades.

I had picked up on hints over the years about where I seem to gain energy or get unstuck, but had never been able to connect the dots.

With your knowledge, I see where I need to stop putting the brakes on or forcing things and channel the energy in more supportive ways. And now I know how to do that.

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