Hot Light


the sacred Space for soul-led women who are ready TO KNOW THE UNKNOWN, take aligned action and share your voice in overflowING radiance 

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The Hot Light Sisterhood

 This is the fourth year oh Hot Light Sisterhood and the first sisters are still in it expanding together, tapping into their deep truth together, putting their vibration and resonant messages in the world, creating Heaven on Earth.

It’s about constantly pealing the layers of which you are not and diving into which you are: Spirit in a human body. We celebrate wholeness as we play to learn, create to anchor and expand to inspire. Here’s to your authentic expression free of judgment!

The HLS is a magic space for authentic purposeful women who are ready for more and desire to:

Expand your light out instead of taking more content in
Be the lighthouse and create a ripple effect in the world

Remove the doubts and resistance that makes you forget your power as soon as it happens (not after it gets you stuck and projecting out in your aura)

Be free to be fully you and not be judged by it and actually enjoy being whole in your life and work

Have structured intentional creation time to pair alignment with action fully trusting your light so that you gain momentum (this is how magic happens!)

Cultivate the confidence to lead and step into new territory allowing it to be easy
Stop the ups and downs in business and excitement.

Create energetic endurance so that you can show up fully and hold more energy (a.k.a. receive more and enjoy sustaining that)


Remove the doubts and resistance makes you forget your powering hold back as soon as it happens (not after it gets you stuck and projecting out in your aura)


Effortlessly align with your essence through Radiance Rituals to create overflowing radiance across all your communication


Have a clear core message connected to your soul’s mission and know how to branch it out without watering it down

Plan and create in a way that fits your unique astrological code
so that you show up in a way that feels easy and flows.

Create a ripple effect of overflowing radiance that magnetize people to you and create that “what are you doing? I want that too!” kind of reaction.

Experience business bliss by take the right next steps that are specific for you and your business

Go from “I know I should know how to do this” to “Oh! That’s easy!”

From struggling to follow the rules and fit in the “right way” of doing business to finding your magical sweet spot of doing it YOUR UNIQUE WAY.

The Hot Light Sisterhood is your sacred creation space. A small group + individual cocreation partnership where you feel seen and heard. No surface level.

Your accountability sisterhood, energy boost and treasure trove to expand your light while growing your visibility and leadership every day.

Being a Hot Light means celebrating the true expression of YOU and embodying all the things that make you magic and magnetic daily. 

There are so many pieces of you that need to be integrated and shared. Wholeness. And that alone might get you in your mind. 

We won’t push you. We’ll pull you so you feel safe to allow yourself to be all that you are.

The Hot Light Sisterhood will continuously pull you back to YOU so that you stay tuned in your energy and vibration and leadership.

We’ll hold the space for you to be great and get on that next level you know you’re ready for. 


Apply now to see if we are an energetic fit.

I planned everything and then lockdown came and I had to rethink everything. I couldn’t do my workshops. And it worked so well without me planning it.
I’m fully in trust. The world seems so frenetic and in chaos, fear and panic and I don’t feel that.

This cannot stop. We started something. And I felt like the Power Rangers. We’re on a mission we cannot stop now. We have to save the world! LOL We have still so much to do. We are all good alone and we can do it alone, but when we are together we amplify each other. And what happens in this calls is just so magic!

What happens in these calls, in this group IS the work! Work looks different now.
Dear Sisters
What a call yesterday we had🥰🔥
I left our session energized and my heart & soul full of love and so much goodness🙏🏻
The meditation where we combined was SO powerful Lais!! I wasn‘t able to share about it yesterday because the right words weren‘t coming up but the energy I felt, the pictures I had in my mind were mindblowing!
At this point of the journey I really call you my sisters. I really FEEL you are my sisters. My home, my heart, everything is always open to you. We became so honest and vulnerable to share everything. That is magical!. Lais, you created a really magical space!

Hi, I am Lais

I guide soul-led women to be captivating lighthouses through Astrology, Sound, Radiance Rituals and Aligned Branding.

I am a soul seer revealing people’s essence and vibration and activating the parts of you that have been hidden.

Like you, I had my moments of self-doubt (and I might still have in the future). I feared being “too much” and therefore dimmed my light. Beneath this is the fear of being seen and criticised for being you, but also the fear of your own power.

Sounds familiar? Maybe you fear failure and, ironically, also fear of success. Maybe there’s a niggling feeling telling you it’s time to break through that fear and shine. You can trust that feeling.

I am here to fire up souls and help you transform your deep soul yearning into the most magical, magnetic and yummy experience you can dream of creating for yourself and your clients. One that can be too much because the more of you the better.

You’re here because you are HOT LIGHT. You arrived, sister.

You’re not just tipping your toes in your soul mission or testing the waters for your soul driven business. You know you’re here on a mission. What you offer has the power of changing people’s lives and your message needs to be shared. 

You know your purpose now but that doesn’t mean it’s all butterflies and rainbows now. Un-un.

That brings up both subconscious fears and mundane issues.


You still have to do “all the things” to bring consistent income in your business and not all of the things feel aligned.


You say or think too many SHOULDS. Like “I should be able to figure this out” or “I should be meditating.”

Maybe you’re not exactly where you want to be on your business yet, like you’re so close for so long.

Maybe you feel alone in your path. Even if you have entrepreneur friends, they don’t talk spirituality and spiritual friends might be averse to business. You long for a community of true soul family who just gets it.


You’re tired of spending 45 mins creating a social media post. Or having the perfect offer pop in your mind and not being able to put it out in the world as fast as you were to idealize it.

Or maybe you subconsciously fear that level of bliss, ease and success and every time you get close you freak out and can’t surrender and hold the space for the ecstatic.

You’re creating your own path and that means there are no ready made maps and formulas. And that can be exciting and terrifying.

But guess what? The unknown is where ALL POSSIBILITIES are available. There are rituals and your unique astrological code to help you navigate this and create in alignment with YOU. And in 2022 we’re going even deeper to make creating in spirit second nature and showing up and leading wholeheartedly your truth.

 Instead of busy “following all the rules” we behold the light and see the signs coming through.

Instead of sitting and waiting we open up and call inspiration in.

Instead of hiding our voices to be safe we ignite the true sound of our souls creating a magnetic field all around us. 

When you pair alignment with inspired action you are unstoppable.

You’re being called to take ownership, follow your intuition, step up and lead. And there’s a magic way to do this: The HOT LIGHT way.

You know that:

When you decide the Universe conspires for you to get there
You need both structure and flow to allow for expansion and growth
Alignment is not a one and done thing, it’s constantly tuning in
You move faster when you take time to slow down and reconnect
Things are easier when you’re not alone

Mentorship and sisterhood is what helps you gain momentum and achieve great success.

You’re ready to show up in a bigger way and be
the Hot Light for your soulmate clients.

All you have to do is take the leap.

“Knowing you is stopping me from stopping myself”

Here are the specifics:

1. Activation call

1 1:1 call in the beginning to set your unique aligned plan.

2. Two mastermind Gatherings a month

Visibility coaching call (through Zoom):

This is the space to work on your specific projects and roadblocks. You get to submit what’s coming up for you. Not necessarily a formulated question.

Coaching with me is like connecting the dots between who you are deep in your core and how you express yourself so that you do business in alignment.

You’ll feel like you’re ready to be seen and bring your inner light to your offers, marketing, brand and business and end up magnetically captivating soulmate clients.

  • Hot seats
  • Clarity on your aligned next steps
  • Hot tips specific to you to truly connect with your soulmate clients
  • Your questions on aligned branding and business answered
  • And lots of permission to do it your way

Aligned Action call (through Zoom):

Expand your light and vibration, set the tone for the month ahead and then move into creating in spirit. These are our Hot Light Activations: radiance rituals followed by cocreation and whatever else comes.

It’s a sacred creation space that supports you in being visible and becoming a soulmate clients’ magnet. A space where you’re connected and your message will pour through you with ease. Plus, you get inspired by your sisters as well.

3. Monthly astro planning

Monthly mini class on the energies to tap during that month and how to make the best use on your business so that you can flow of the stars. These are short and recorded so that you can watch and rewatch if needed.

4. Private Voxer group 

Voxer support: get reminders, prompts and surprise challenges that will take you a bit out of the comfort zone to make you more comfortable shining your light.

Don’t get stuck: I’m a master of turning moments of anguish and crying into big aha magic of knowing what to do. You can Vox me in the group or directly if it’s something more personal.

Accountability and Feedback: bounce ideas with me and your sisters.

5. Access to a growing resource vault

Creation Prompts, done-for you Canva templates, Take and tweaks, How to videos as needed, Radiance Rituals and Guided meditations. Everything you need to expand your light.

+ Free pass to any Workshops and Experiences I create while you’re part of it, like the Soul Sounds Sanctuary group sessions.

6. Cocreation sessions

This is a space to create and get inspired in an environment full of magic and radiant energy. These session happen as inspiration comes and I’ll be inviting you along the way.


  • Do the work right there in the call and take that energy
  • See what your sisters are creating and get that inspiration
  • Get feedback as you create so you don’t get stuck for 20 mins analyzing what’s wrong

The warm 1:1 mentorship that you normally only get in 5 digit coaching programs + the kind of magic space you only get with soul family in one. 

Because the Hot Light is a gathering of soul family for deep replenishment so that you have the energy, radiance and confidence to sound your soul, show up in your true wholeness and lead with your powerful voice.

I know it’s scary to step out of what’s safe and known, but you didn’t choose this path to hide. It’s time to step into the unknown and discover you have wings to fly.

Here’s what powerhouses like you are saying


“This work you are doing with us is so beautiful, so magical. And I am immensely grateful to you, your powerful compassion, the space you are creating, and your leadership in being captivating.”

“Just knowing you is stopping me from stopping myself.”

“You honestly can’t believe how freeing it is to hear that I can break the rules. You just broke 43 years of programming.”


“I wanted to just come in and say a huge thank you for your beautiful and radiance ritual.”

“Thank you for these small steps that I can take one at a time that together are creating massive shifts in my energy field.”

“I am feeling so full of beautiful magic — I just wanted to reach out to you and share the joy and thank you.


“I did a Facebook live and as the words came out of my mouth I felt a huge weight come out of my shoulders. And I had beautiful comments from people resonating. That journaling that we did was so powerful.”

“Laís, you have helped me create space so I can lean back into myself. Thank you for helping me show up as me. My photoshoot literally captures the magic that you have taught us to tap into you. You are an incredible human and coach.”

“It help me show up on social media in a way that feels uncomfortable but easy. I couldn’t even imagine when we started showing up on Instagram every single day. I’m so much more confident in experimenting and trusting that if it doesn’t work I’m still gonna learn.”

My intention is for The Hot Light Sisterhood to be your point of pride

The time when you got seriously HOT about being seen as the leader you are and claimed the work you’re meant to do in this world. 


$3900 for a 9 months experience

10 monthly payments of $390/mo

After you apply you’ll receive a Zoom link to your activation call.

applying doesn’t obligate you to join

Apply now and get ready to radiate. Because you’re not just light. You are HOT LIGHT and the world needs your heat right now.

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