So you’re ready to ignite your soul?

Wanna cocreate together?

Here are the ways I can help. Not sure which option is best for you?

Send me a message over Instagram here. I’m happy to help.

Sound Catharsis

Reconnect with your voice to release anything that’s holding you back. Turn your stories or experiences into a beautiful sound anchor. Or create a song to share your message, let your soul talk or transmute that thing that needs closure . No need to be a singer.

Creative Process


This is for artists and creatives who reached any type of ceiling.
There’s no creative block or throat block that persists when you let it come through you.
You’ll explore your sound, channel songs and embody the creative process. It’s about openness and surrender.


This is for you if you want to deep dive and create something from start to finish together. Bring the tea and snacks because we’re gonna have a lot of fun bringing your idea to life.

Cocreative Partnership

You’re creating the world around you. Insights and ideas are coming to you all the time but getting them out of your head can be a struggle. Maybe you even have a tone of notes and plans waiting for the right time.

Or maybe there are other unseen blocks to these new adventures to come to fruition.

This partnership is cocreated for your needs bringing everything and every tool I know to support you. Astrology, Journeying, Music, Sound healing, Branding, Kundalini Yoga, Radiance Rituals, Design, Video and Music production, my own nature as an open vessel for Spirit (yes, I know it’s a crazy mix, but it serves us well).

There’s no set number of sessions or time. It depends of your flow and how you get the most inspired. If we are a fit, I’ll help you discover this with astrology and some questions.

It might be that a 30 min session work for you one day just to get you going and maybe you’re in for a deep dive another day and we go on a journey for 2 hours.

Either way, I’m your partner to birth whatever you want to create.

You have access to me through messages to move through blocks, ask questions and exchange ideas.

Currently 2 partnerships open. | PRIVACY POLICY | TERMS OF SERVICE | DISCLAIMER

Where should I send it?

Where should I send it?

Where should I send the details?

Where should I send the details?