Hi! I’m Lais, and I help humans express and live wholly

I mentor and partner with women who want to unlock their full creative potential and be delighted by being seen for their true gifts as their most courageous, authentic selves.

Their intuition is telling them that working on their blocks and everything that’s wrong with them isn’t the way anymore. (Even though they’ve done a lot of healing already.)

They’re ready to stop trying to fix what’s wrong with them, let the impostor syndrome behind and start moving towards living their unique light, sharing their gifts more widely and allowing it to be fun.

They’ve experienced the difference when they’re really alive and aligned and know it’s magnetic but don’t know how to get there. It feels like a fluke.

They’re ready to stop trying so hard to be more visible or have a big impact, and instead follow the path that’s natural for them based on their unique energy and essence.

You can undo years of self judgment through shining our light brightly and seeing the beams reflected back to you. Go from “I know myself” from a place of judgment of shortcomings to “I know myself!” from a place of knowing your potential and how to use your energy.

Feel the openness to do things you never thought you would, rekindle the dreams you had before anyone said you couldn’t and delighting in your power.

The Pillars of being Wholly YOU


Astrology is about knowing your energy and the energies around you and feeling comfortable with them.


Sounding is about knowing your vibration, getting comfortable, and then finally loving. As a side effect you become more magnetic.


Rituals are about aligning and connecting with Spirit, and letting that all knowing creative force move through you.


Your Brand is your impact on others. In this age, it can’t be faked. When you experience your wholeness you express yourself wholly.

Don’t work with me. Let’s play together.

These are the current ways to work with me. The Hot Light Sisterhood is the mentorship + mastermind with me where we embody all of the principles above. You can choose the Astrology or Sound route to start our journey together.

Most of my clients start in the Astrology path and take the Inner Light Session before working further with me. In this session you understand your energies and how to bring your inner light to shine in your brand and anything you create.

The Sound path is a powerful one where you get to experience yourself in a deep vibrational level. I understand most people are not comfortable with their voices yet I’m gentle in guiding my clients back to their original sound.

Cocreation sessions best serve those who’ve taken one of the previous sessions.

Whichever path you choose, I’m here to hold space for you to go from self-judgement to self-awe.


Choose your path

Astrology Session

Astrology can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to use the information. I’ll show you how to make your life easier by honoring and focusing your energy and guide you to express all of you in your brand. 

Song Rite

The healing comes from your own vibration. Learn how to transmute pain into insights in a matter of minutes through the magic ritual of songwriting and singing in Spirit.

Sound Journey

Imagine transmuting any energy, feeling or story into the joy of being fully alive. Imagine forgetting the self-judgement and freeing yourself. When you hear yourself in your truest expression the magic happens.

This option is more focused on the journey then song. We use sound to anchor your lessons. If singing is uncomfortable to you but you still want to tip your toes and expand, this can be a good start.

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