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You’re here because you believe in what you do and in the difference you make, but you know how you look online matters and you need to bring all that light you have inside to shine bright outside. I get it. 

I believe life only makes sense through beauty and connection between people. That’s why I seek for meaningful and beautiful relationships by making authentic connections in everything I do.

I’m Laís Scortegagna and I help passionate entrepreneurs, like you, to express their vision online so that they can captivate clients who love what they do as much as they love doing it.

Together we craft a brand and website that’s true to you and makes ideal clients feel like they’re in the right place and want to buy from you. 

A huge mistake some people make trying to differentiate themselves is trying to be something that’s different but it’s not them. It creates disconnection and humans crave connection.

My clients say I somehow pick up everything they couldn’t express in words and make it visual.

People forget facts and numbers, but they don’t forget emotion. How do you make them feel?

It’s the surprising and unexpected details that create the longer lasting connections. It’s what makes them think: “this person understands me”.

My passion is to craft the communication and details that bring your brand to life making it feel human and captivating clients.

People don’t want just a product or service anymore. We want to feel special, like it was made with you in mind. We’re tired of fake images and want real people. That’s why your brand must come from within you.

An unique online experience (a.k.a. your website) can help create connection between you and people who love what you do, so that you can have more amazing clients and enjoy the path you chose. 

I believe that passionate entrepreneurs change the world and make our lives better and I want to help you with that. We’ll craft meaningful communication, not just build a website.

I know it’s not just a brand and website.

It is part of you. It’s what represents you when you are not around.

Let’s work on it together?

Step 1. Pick a day and time for us to get to know each other and talk about your ideas for your wonderful business. No strings attached. (you can do this right here)

Step 2. Answer the questions in the form. Before we talk I want to know a little more about you and your expectations.

Step 3. Watch your email inbox. You’ll receive a confirmation and reminders. Set the date and time on your calendar so you won’t miss the consult.

Step 4. The consult! It takes place on a Zoom room and I’ll love to meet you.

Step 5. If you decide to work with me, we start the project! I will send you the next steps and we’re good to go. If you decide it’s not exactly what you need, I’ll be happy to refer you to other resources that can help you get what you want.

Questions? Send me an email to lais@laiscs.com and I’ll reply to you ASAP. 

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I’m an Experience Designer born and raised in a small town in south Brazil with a background in Social Communications.

Although I’ve been amazed by American pop culture since I was 8 years old and learned every Backstreet Boys lyrics (guilty), my Brazilian roots, Italian family and living close to Argentina and Uruguay gave me rich flavors, colors and rhythms to play with. Or cook, paint and sing with. And I like to bring it all to my work.

I’m facinated by people and the beautiful things we’re able to create, cultures and human perception.

Creating human experiences in an online environment involves many disciplines: art and aesthetics, design, human behavior, visual perception, psychology, storytelling, linguistics, as well as the technology to implement that. I see it as layers of communication. 

Hearing you tactfully and having a natural gift for individualization, I can see through your perspective and know how you would best express your vision.

My goal is to make people care about the amazing things you bring to the world.