Hi! I’m  Lais

light being, Frequency holder,
soul seer, visibility coach,
soul sounds singer & Channel
astro aligned branding Expert

Featured in RA MA TV and RA MA Festival

You’re here because you have a soul mission and you know you’re meant to make a difference in the world. Maybe you even remember why you came here or you’re trying to.

Either way, you know deep inside that you are so much more than your body and mind. We are embodied light beings, but you might still feel constricted by things like:

  1. How to be authentic and true to you and still professional
  2. How to bring all your gifts into the work you do in a way that makes sense 
  3. How to express your whole self and live your magic on a daily basis instead of going in ups and downs

I’m a magic spaceholder for divine creators, like you, to see their true power and delight in it.

I guide soul-led women, like you, to bring their inner light to shine outside through Astrology, Radiance Rituals, Soul Sounds and Aligned Branding by activating the parts of you that have been hidden.

You have an important message and you want to make sure people feel it. And you know your brand and online presence matters for you to be heard. I get it.

After working behind the scenes helping some of the most authentic women in the online industry shine their light in the world (Kendrick Shope and Jenny Shih to name a few) I’ve heard the calling to shine my light and help you do the same.

I believe life only makes sense through beauty, connection between people. I seek meaningful connections. The kind that only happens when e allow our authentic selves to be seen, including in business. Are you like that too? If so, I’d love to connect with you.

Right now you might be overthinking “How’s this makes me look”. Maybe you’re not sure if you can be fully yourself although your soul yearns for it.

Maybe you had a breakthrough and you’re ready to break free, and yet you dimmed your light for so long to fit in you’re figuring out how to reconnect with the whole true you. Or how to connect with soulmate clients who resonate with you.

Maybe you’ve been secretly hiding your soul’s treasures from the world at large by separating your “professional” public persona from your true self, your soul and the idea of bringing them into oneness brings both doubts and fears. 

Maybe you pushed away your gifts because they weren’t realistic, acceptable, marketable, profitable, easy to explain, a “real profession”. But you know it’s time to own them because what felt safe before it’s hurting now. 

I see you, I’ve been in your shoes. And I help you make meaning of the beautiful patchwork of your soul and bring it together in an expansive way where you can thrive helping others.


Lais Scort is a brazilian light being, soul seer, frequency holder, soul’s sounds singer, and magic spaceholder for divine creators to see their true power and delight in it.

She guides soul-led women to bring their inner light to shine outside through music, online ceremonies and sisterhood containers where channeling, astrology, sound and radiance rituals in this realm and in the imaginal lead the way to activate the parts of you that have been hidden.

In 2008, after breaking her neck in a pool dive she had a conversation with a spirit guide who gave her the option of continuing or going back because it wouldn’t be easy. She decided to continue and even through quadriplegia she trusted her path would be guided.

In the meanwhile she got international recognition as an aligned branding expert but felt the urge to express all aspects of her the same way she encouraged her clients to do. After the sudden passing of her dad the calling to be a frequency holder got loud and clear and with her dad guiding her from the spirit realm she embraced the calling.

Lais is also the founder of Your Captivating Brand™ where she mentors soulmate clients on visibility and brand vibration, and the host of the Soul Sounds Lighthouse podcast, a portal of energy transmissions from spirit guides streaming light frequencies through sound.

NOW BACK TO YOU: You have a unique personality and something special to share, but you fear the extremes:


Sharing too much and not being professional enough to be taken seriously. Or


Losing yourself in branding and ending up with a brand that’s “professional” or “different” but it’s not you.

There’s a sweet spot. It starts by coming back to you.

Coaching with me is like connecting the dots between who you are deep in your core and how you express yourself so that you do business in alignment. You’ll feel like you’re ready to be seen and bring your inner light to your offers, marketing, brand and business and end up magnetically captivating soulmate clients.

A huge mistake some people make trying to differentiate themselves is trying to be something that’s different but it’s not them. It creates disconnection and humans crave connection.

People forget facts and numbers, but they don’t forget emotion. How do you make them feel?

HINT: How you feel when sharing impacts how they feel receiving it. It all starts with you.

It’s the surprising and unexpected that create the longer lasting connections. It’s what makes them think: “this person gets me”.

We’re tired of fake images and want real people. That’s why your brand must come from within you.

Wondering how? Keep reading.


I pair astrology, soul sounds, aligned branding and radiance rituals to help you channel your most captivating essence into your brand and business.


I’ve been called Pleiadian Priestess, intergalactic Angel choir of one,  magician of the higher sound currents
and I don’t share this lightly. No words can define you or me but I’m deeply touched by what others see and experience since I accepted my soul’s mission.

My clients say I somehow pick up everything they couldn’t express in words and make it easy to see.

I am here to fire up souls and help you transform your deep soul yearning into the most magical, magnetic and yummy experience you can dream of creating for yourself and your clients. One that can be too much because the more of you the better.


My superpower is being able to see people’s essence and vibration and help you activate the parts of you that have been hidden in your brand.


I understand both energy and the practicality of how to make things work for you. I help you create online experiences that are truly you.


Creating human experiences in an online environment involves many disciplines: art and aesthetics, design, human behavior, visual perception, symbology, psychology, sound, storytelling, linguistics, as well as the technology to implement that. I see these as layers of communication, and I study all of them. I bring this wealth of knowledge to help fire that sparkle in you and your ideal clients’ hearts.

Where it all began?

Some people thing branding is some vanity thing but I don’t see it like that. At least not anymore, not after my experience.

I was the creative type who thought it was selfish of me to pursue a creative path just for myself. So I decided I wanted to be a journalist so I could do “something important”.

I love writing, but I felt something was missing.

In 2008, I dived into a pool and lost all movements from my neck down. And with that, I lost the sense of who I was.

While unconscious I had a conversation with a spirit guide who gave me the option of continuing or going back because it wouldn’t be easy. I decided to continue and trusted my path would be guided.

Fast Forward, I woke up in hospital after surgery, still paralyzed and I knew it wasn’t just a nightmare. Even speaking with guides I still had real human fears.

At that time my dad told me that if I work hard I would get back on my feet.

It was a shock but was exactly what I needed. He gave me a goal. I was gonna work as hard as I could to get back to who I was before.

And I did. In 2 weeks I was eating by myself again because love food and I couldn’t stand how slow people were to feed me. I didn’t allow others to help me before I tried first because I didn’t want to be a burden to anyone.

During this painful time a cousin of mine sent me the lyrics of a song from Pink Floyd that says:

Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond.

I felt the warmth in my chest as the tears dropped releasing all the weight I had put over myself.

She reminded me that we all have this light inside us that for some reason we let fade at some point of our lives and I wouldn’t allow it to fade.

I got back to a creative path both to help me recover, and as my work. I got so focused in recovering as fast as I could I didn’t notice what was happening.

As I stepped back into who I was without self-judgement, people started telling me how brave and positive I was and how I helped them in so many ways I didn’t even realized.

Best part? Those things didn’t involved my physical abilities but the person I was, the way I approach life.

My essence.

I learned what connects us to one another isn’t big things that we do but the small things.

How you make people feel around you, that light you have inside. And I happen to have this weird gift of feeling people’s essence and reflecting back so it shows in their brand.

My dad passed suddenly in 2019. That’s when I heard the calling getting louder.

I wasn’t supposed to just create brands anymore. I had to show up in a bigger way and help other women to do the same.

It didn’t make any sense to leave part of my business that was successful, but it was becoming painful to to continue. I thought I shouldn’t just stop. “Am I self-sabotaging?”, I asked myself.

I knew it was bigger than my ego thanks to my spiritual mentor, Uma Girish, someone my dad expressed immense admiration for even though they don’t speak the same language. He felt her energy. That’s how my dad was. 

A few months after the pain of losing my guide in life I discovered I haven’t lost him at all. He still guides me and supported me through the shift from creative director and web designer to astrologer and visibility coach.

It was as if my dad knew he had gave me his all in life and it was time for him to guide me from the spirit realms. So I trusted and surrendered to the calling.

Of course I had my moments of self-doubt (and I might still have in the future). I feared making a huge mistake, but more than that, for too long my big fear was being “too much” and therefore I dimmed my light. I wouldn’t talk about the things I shared above and I wouldn’t offer all of me.

Sounds familiar?

Maybe you fear failure and, ironically, also fear of success.

Maybe you have so much inside you but you’re not sure if it’s ok to bring it all to your business. Maybe there’s a ninggling feeling telling you it’s time to break through that fear and shine.

You can trust that feeling.

Because beneath the fear of being seen and criticised for being you there’s tremendous light just waiting to magnetize everything you want towards you.

Branding is not just about a beautiful brand. It’s about letting your soul, your essence shine through.

It’s about confidence in who you really are and honoring your path and what’s sacred to you.

And there’s nothing more fulfilling than helping you light up the world.

I see the beauty in you.

I see the real you.

And it’s my purpose to help you expand to your full self and radiate your magic so that everyone who needs you can feel it even across the internet.

It’s not just about your brand.

It is about your legacy.

It’s time to rise.

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