How Alert personalities express on their website

24 Apr, 2018 | How to captivate

This is week 6 of Sally Hogshead’s Fascination System applied to your visual identity. And today we’re talking about Alert. I’m leaving Mystique to the end because I’m a Mystique too. So we started with Passion (one of my languages) and we’re finishing with the other.

Knowing the best way communicate, your languages of fascination, can help you thrive in person and boost your confidence as well.

The whole point of this series is show you how to get the same amazing first impressions on your website.

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Hi! New here?

Hi! New here?

I'm Laís

You love what you do and want to attract clients that love it as much as you do. My job is to help you to captivate your ideal clients through your brand and website so that they feel connected to you and trust you.

Alert language traits

  • Language of details
  • Keep people and projects on track
  • Careful and precise
  • Never miss a deadline
  • Very organize and proactive
  • They manage to look at the minutia and keep an eye on the outcome
  • Follow a linear rational thinking
  • Good planners. Follow a schedule

How to express alert on your website

Deadlines, inciting urgency and reminding people of the potential negative outcomes is alert. As you can see, the most basic principles of marketing for sales that get people to act and make decisions are part of alert language. We might not like it but it works.

On the visuals, countdown timers are a great example of alert in action.

An alert website should be very clear and well lit. You should go there and know exactly what they expect you to do. Every detail in there is important.

Structure is important for alerts. Show you have everything in place. Alert won’t show up messy. It’s organized and categorised.

Alert creates rules, methods, processes to follow and implement. If you’re Alert, try using those as part of your identity.

Exact numbers can not only be used in copy, but can be a big visual on your website and graphics. Show you’re precise and sharp.

An alert website needs to:

  • Look neat
  • Work efficiently
  • Hit hot buttons
For your pictures, pay attention to details. Make sure you wear well cut clothes, everything is in place and everything in the shot is there for a reason. Ask for sharp well lit images and an eye level angle.

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