Helping you shine in all your colors lightens up my world 

Kendrick Shope

Sales expert, creator of Authentic Selling® and founder of Sales School,

Kendrick has a warm fired up personality that engages people and shows she’s in it with you. Not by accident, she has been called sweet as pie and tough as nails.

We made her brand show all her personality: sharp and sweet, professional and fun, southern warm meets parisian classic style.

We also focused on making her testimonials page express how she is with her clients and showcased her in media.

Next, we revamped Sales School experience!

We planned Sales School new client experience from launch to buying process to course experience.

The sales page and video pages had to reflect the value of it and the course itself had to be as actionable as the course content and Kendrick’s teaching style.

More about it on the video and and in this in AccessAlly article.


Shawna-Kaye Lester

founder of Memorable Essay

Shawna-Kaye helps ambitious college and graduate school applicants stand out and get into their dream schools, so they can use their education to impact the world in the way they want to, and create a legacy they’re proud of.

I’m proud to have helped her stand out too bringing her personality and uniqueness to a memorable business that changes lives.

Clarissa Rodriguez

Study strategist,

When Clarissa told me about her vision for She Rocks @ College I knew it would be the experience that every dedicated brillant college student would love to have. We created a bright, bubbly yet classy brand that has Clarissa’s subtle style in it.

Juliana Schreurs


“I love the website!!! A friend told me it looks like me. I had questions about a personalized work be developed at a distance, bur the way you describe the process on your website and the way you conduct the creative process makes us feel hugged! Your process, dedication, knowledge and the ability to listen made the result be unique and extremely personalized. I felt comfortable and supported. You convey security and knowledge of what you’re doing. This was the first step towards a career change and a major change in my life and you exceeded my expectations”.

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Where should I send it?

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Where should I send the details?