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Find the fun with Marisa Raymond

by | Oct 14, 2020

In this episode I invited the family-centered life coach, genetic counselor and yoga teacher, Marisa Raymond, to bring these messages to you with me.

Join us to find the fun in the bleeps and blows and ups and downs through singing our hearts out.

Before this guest episode started we connected to our spirit guides the same way I connect for the single ones and set the intention to channel together. So come along and hum with us.

Around 17 mins we switched to a conversation about the message and what Marisa is sharing with you. Her freebie will help you bring fun to yoga and she talks about the story of yoga in the second part of the podcast as well.


Marisa helps busy parents and children go from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, disconnected to finding more opportunities to create fun, ease, joy, and togetherness. With her background in spiritual and scientific practices, Marisa helps smart, compassionate, dedicated parents heal their own emotional wounds and connect with their uniqueness and core values so they feel confident and supported in raising their independent, compassionate, resilient kids.


get the freebie: https://marisaraymond.com/kids-yoga-for-adults/

website: marisaraymond.com

insta: @marisaraymond77

youtube: http://bit.ly/MZR_YouTube


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The Soul Sounds Lighthouse is a portal of energy transmissions from spirit guides streaming light frequencies through sound. These vibrational messages are here to get under your skin activating your soul sounds and guiding your way back home to yourself. 

This podcast is channeled and cocreated for the light beings, frequency holders, conscious creators, intuitives, light workers, light leaders and those remembering.

I’m Lais Scort, a soul seer and magic spaceholder for your inner light to shine through. Enjoy the experience.

Connect with me: IG @laisscort

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