Wanna build your brand with confidence, ease, and permission to be unapologetically you?

Say hello to your Inner Light.

The brand alignment immersion
based on you and astrology

It’s time. You arrived in perfect timing.

The old “looking good but not you” branding was never good but now it’s not only not ideal. It’s unsustainable.

Anything that isn’t you has to go. We need you fully here embodied and clear.

If that’s not where you are right now, if you’re feeling out of alignment but you want to change that, that’s ok. You’re not late. We never are.

Things are unfolding exactly as they need to. You’re exactly where you need to be and everything that came before this was exactly what you needed to go through to become the whole you.

No shame or “shoulds”.

You don’t have to resist that.  Nor regret any of that.

You don’t need to try to change.

Just come back to you.

Do you love your brand and business right now?
did you hesitate to answer? so maybe…


The ways you’ve been told you had to go about your business don’t feel quite right and left you feeling overwhelmed, drained and maybe even disconnected.


Every time you create a graphic or add something to your Insta stories you’re overthinking: “How’s this gonna make me look?”


Your website is ok but doesn’t excite you or your ideal clients and clearly doesn’t match your soul’s vision of making an impact in the world 


You wish you were able to use ALL of your personality, knowledge and gifts in your business but right now you feel restricted, like you need to hide a part of yourself.


You may have taken countless personality and strength assessments and still not know how to show you’re different


You struggled to create your offers, write sales pages and your about page, and they never feel like you.


You’re not feeling inspired daily by your business yet.

You feel connected to something bigger and you’d like to feel connected more consistently so that your business is divinely guided.

Sounds like you?

You have a soul-led business and you kinda have a brand but it is not where you want it to be yet.

It might be close but everytime you look something is off.

You’ve heard so many experts tell you how you should position your business, what you need to be taken seriously, and even what colors you should use to be trustworthy or get attention.

The problem is all the conflicting expert messages can be misleading. They get you in your head instead of in your soul.

You’ve outgrown your shell, rising star.

It’s time to break free and shine your light. Astrology + radiance rituals + heart-centric aligned  branding is the magic way to reflect all of you in your brand.

Knowing how to live your authentic brand makes your business magnetic in a way nothing else does.

It’s what sets you apart because…


You have the skills (C’mon, you’re so good at what you do)

You have been making a very positive impact in people’s lives

You certainly have it going, but you know there’s this piece missing to fully share what you have to share.

I hear you.

I’m Lais and I help passionate boss ladies, like you, who truly believe in the difference they make to bring the light you have inside to shine outside, so you can express who you are on your brand and captivate amazing clients who are excited to work with you.

After helping many entrepreneurs I’ve noticed the brand was a fundamental piece of a bigger shift, one that changes everything: the confidence boost of owning who you are.

Boss ladies, like you, say things like:

“You took everything I told you and turned into a vision for my brand. A vision that I didn’t even had for myself. Now I know how to communicate my brand value.”

Clarissa Rodriguez, Study Strategist and founder of She rocks at college

“I’m very surprised that you could see this in just one video. People who know me well would be able to come up with those words to describe me. You are definitely very good at what you do!”

Gokce Bulgan, Counseling Psychologist, Mentor & Consultant

“Lais saw things I’ve never seen or been told about my brand and she was spot on.”

Kendrick Shope, Sales expert, creator of Authentic Selling® and founder of Sales School

Yes, I make it look easy, but it wasn’t always like that.

When first starting, I tried to fit what the market needed and be everything for everyone instead of declaring who I was. Does this sound familiar?

Doing that led me to burnout so I decided to make some business shifts and energetic shifts too. 

I allowed it to be easy. I turned my business into a true act of devotion where my role is to deliver myself whole and allow the light to work through me.

The secret of why I can do it almost effortlessly today is that I stopped trying to be strictly professional and started allowing myself to use the superpowers that were given to me and my astrological birth chart pointed out. And you can too.

True alignment can bypass time spent “trying hard”.

You’re more than an “adequate but not you” brand. And you’re definitely more than a sign or archetype. I will show you what energies you bring with you in your astrological code since you were born and how to align your brand, business and life to your inner light.

What your life would look like if you could:

Have a brand expression that feels just like you and captivate ideal amazing clients who are excited to work with you

Embody the highest version of yourself in your business so that you get to the end of the end of every year celebrating what you created


Feel a warm fuzzy feeling in your chest every time you express yourself on social media and videos instead of feeling like something is off


Know the exact words to describe your uniqueness in your about page (which is so hard to so many people!) and what pictures to use

Know exactly what are your game-changer natural talents that you have been underestimating

Feel certain that you’re in the right path and there’s no way you can get it wrong

This is all possible for you.
You’re not here by chance. You’re meant to have a magnetic business.

Branding + Astrology

Branding is how you make people feel.

Astrology gives you a view from the stars on who you are, your purpose, your unique gifts, how you express yourself, how to make things easier for you and so much more.

It’s your guide on who you are, why you’re here and gives you a north to confidently be your best.

When we work on this together you’ll feel ready to embrace a brand that reflects all your light, captivates ideal clients and sets you apart instead of opting for a safe industry fitting one. 

fully expressing yourself sets you free to 


Feel confident in your uniqueness and stop second guessing yourself and your brand


Captivate the right clients because when you’re being whole you’re magnetic to your soulmate clients


Command your prices with confidence that you’re worth it

Believe in yourself because your light will shine so bright even YOU will see it

Feel amazing at your own authentically awesome skin instead of wanting to be the next (fill in with the industry leader)

All that means you create true connection, trust and desire for people to work with you.

Your answer to stop hiding your light and start feeling confident to light up your clients’ lives.

The Inner Light is part 1:1, part small tight-knit group (6 woman) working together to let the world (and yourself) see how special what you have to share is.

Here’s what’s in it for you




Immersion in your Inner Light | Align with the stars and activate your light

Clear a block of time for yourself. Grab some tea, make yourself comfortable. You’re invited for a big event: A soul business immersion where you get back to the surface with your inner light expanding.


90 minutes call diving deep into what you’re made of, the energy in your birth chart

You’ll have the words to describe how you’re different and what you have that no one else has without sounding pretentious or boring
You’ll know your superpowers and where you thrive
You’ll learn how to make your life easier (yes, there are points in your chart that show you how you can flow better)

week 1

Immersion in your Inner Light | Align your brand to your wholeness

Release the thoughts of how  professional brand must look like. You’re entering a place of play and ecstatic child-like creation.


An unique curated exercise to bring your brand from your heart


Understand all the facets of yourself are welcomed here


Bring your brand from catarsis to cohesion with my 1:1 help

week 2

Outer brilliance | Representation + Photoshoot

Go beyond the bounds of ordinary imagination to expand that light inside and shine it out to the world.


Embody your brand style and personality so that you turn into a magnet to client’s dying to find you

Create a living breathing brand that feels like you in every breath you take

Plan to let your personality come through in your photoshoot so that you are radiant in every picture

week 3

Your diamond | Unique Positioning

You have an offer but are you really bringing your unique way of doing it to it?


Finding your USP (Unique Selling Point) was never easier! It was written in the stars when you were born.


Get connected. Your higher-self knows exactly what your special gift is. You just have to tune into it.


Get language that you can use on your sales pages and make your offer so special you can’t be compared.

week 4

Your diamond | Unique Offers

Write a sales page that sets you free to be in you in your unique lane.


Bring your natural superpowers that you just discovered to your offer so that you can use all your gifts in your business and you’re known for that “special thing” only you offer.

Channel your unique offer and bring all of you to your business.

Write it easily with “fill in the blank” style templates. These give you the structure for your uniqueness to flow free.


Get personal feedback on your offer.

I know you’re thinking:

“This is great but how do I use it?”

I understand. Knowledge without action is useless.

That’s why in Phase 2 we tackle practical application to your business so that you embody your brand
fully and get tangible results out of it. 

From undersold best kept secret to irreplaceable must have

week 5

Meaning Mapping | Sales page that create meaning

There’s a story playing in your people’s mind while they read your pages. They’re making sense of it and checking how it fits in their lives. We’re mapping the meaning so that it feels right.

Map out the visuals for your page so that it turns all the green lights and your clients feel they’re in the right place
Create entry points so that the main message doesn’t get lost
Join the conversation they’re already having in their heads so your offer resonates in a deeper level

Get the page on your website with my 1:1 help

week 6

Your Rituals | Social media and marketing with ease

It gets to be fun and joyful instead of another task on your to do list.

How to radiate your brand on social media.
Create rituals around your social media and business schedule.
Find your flow to create based on cycles, planetary rulership and your own mood.

week 7

Opt-in Journey | Make people remember how you made ’em feel

What’s the point of getting thousands of subscribers and still not converting clients? What you want is to take people on a journey so that they remember who you are, like you, trust you and are interested in what you have to offer.


Attract ideal clients instead of freebie hunters

Leave an amazing first impression that makes them wanting more and waiting for your emails to get in their inbox
With the plug and play templates, your opt in will be done in no time.

week 8

Opt-in Journey | Magnetic Video 

Video is the closest thing to person interaction. You’ll learn how to make the best out of it.


Create your Thank You page Video: ditch what’s holding you back to make an authentic impression and envelop your audience with joy.

It doesn’t stop there. Once you’re done with your thank you page video you can use what you learn here to shine your light again and again.

week 9

All About YOU | The About Page

The most visited page on your website and also where you might overthink and start doubting yourself. Not anymore.

Now you have the words for it and you’ll be feeling more confident than ever talking about yourself
Add your Why and your story to this page in a way that supports your uniqueness

Map the visuals to use here that will show your personality and invite people in.

You’re amazing at what you do beyond all your certifications. Now you’ll know how to say how good you are at what you do without sounding full of yourself or underselling like it’s nothing.

week 10

Integration week | Implement and walk forth

We covered a lot. This is time for you to integrate and implement before moving forward. 


Bring your questions and get feedback.


Integrate those parts of you that might be still needing some love


Get my 1:1 help on anything you wish from the previous weeks.

week 11

Your Rituals | Plan with the stars

Follow the rhythm of the Universe.

When to do what across the year.
Non-stressful and non-draining launch no matter your numbers.
A playful pricing practice.

week 12

Graduation | Celebrating together

Celebrating is what makes success expand. 

Let’s create a vibration pattern to continue expanding for the next months.
Set intentions and count your blessings

Here’s what’s possible

What’s your superpower?

My superpower is being able to see the essence of people and bring it to life in their brand.

Branding is not just about a beautiful brand. It’s the essence of who you are when you’re not in the room.

It’s about confidence in embodying who you really are and what’s a meaningful for you.

And there’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing deep down that what you’re doing is lighting up someones world.

This program saves you years of trying to learn what works for you.

Find that spot on brand that magnetize ideal clients.


$2222 (after the end of July $3333)

or pick payment plans starting at $375/mo

2 payments of 


4 payments of


6 payments of



Instagram On Brand Training (Value: $100)

Now that you have a brand that truly reflects you, know exaclty how to apply it on social media with ease.

Inner Light WordPress Plug-n-Play Pack (Value: $200)

No website yet? No problem. You can use the WordPress pack (template, plugins and all) I provide to apply everything you learn in this course.

Your Focus for the Year as written in the stars (Value: $111)

This is a Solar Return to help you plan your business year ahead so that you can flow with the energies that are available for you.

Let’s just pause and have a real talk, my heart to yours

I can tell you’ll have the perfect aligned brand that will feel like you and broadcasts your energy into the world after this experience.

I can tell you that your offers will be an extension of your heart and your tool to do beautiful work in the world.

I can tell you that you’ll have all the magic to bring you’re light to everything you create and also the frameworks to bring it to reality on your website, lead magnets, social media, videos and photoshoot.

Yes you have it all. Yes, it’s magical. And yes, you also heard a million times “this program is different”, so why would you believe me?

I rather just let the Inner Light Alumni talk.

This is their experience. This is the kind of experience you can expect.

Hear first hand about this experience

Schedule a FREE Breakthrough Call

From this call alone you’ll know:

Your immediate first impression and how you’re coming across now
One tip to bring ease your business and life based on astrology

All your questions about the program answered

If you decide to take the leap I’ll be here to catch you.

I see the beauty in you. I see the real you. And it’s my purpose to help the soulmate clients who need you see it too. If you’re hearing the calling, then this is for you.

Are you ready?


Send me an email to lais@yourcaptivatingbrand.com and I’ll answer it ASAP.

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