Responsive website is not enough (Get your business mobile ready)

16 Jan, 2018 | Captivating tips

You know most people are on smartphones this days. Is your website and marketing ready for this? 

Here you’ll find actionable tips to:

  • make your website work perfectly on smartphones (not only responsive)
  • create mobile ready high converting facebook ads (or instagram ads) graphics and videos with tools you already have
  • create mobile friendly PDF lead magnets and emails
  • create captivating and engaging experiences by getting personal
  • and even make video backgrounds work on mobile
Hi! New here?

Hi! New here?

I'm Laís

You love what you do and want to attract clients that love it as much as you do. My job is to help you to captivate your ideal clients through your brand and website so that they feel connected to you and trust you.

Make sure your website work perfectly on smartphones

What to check on your website to make sure your website doesn’t frustrate your clients

Grab your phone and answer this questions:

  1. Can you read the copy in your images on a smartphone?
  2. Are your videos resizing?
  3. Are the buttons big enough to tap with your finger?
  4. Is there any word breaking in headlines?
  5. Are pop-ups work well on your smartphone?

Create mobile ready high converting images and videos dor Facebook ads / posts 

How you can interrupt scroll pattern and get people hooked on you facebook or Instagram ads

Those are some ideas and they will turn into the norm sometime. This is when you need to brainstorm a new way to call attention.

Pattern interrupting ideas:

  1. Video with subtitles – people might have their phone on mute
  2. Square video with captions – say why they should stop scrolling
  3. Bright color background – only if this fits your brand
  4. Weird or cute images – you know you stop scrolling for those
  5. Boomerang video or GIF – movement grabs attention
  6. Motion graphics – movement + messaging = you got my attention

How to create video subtitles

Video subtitles app for Mac: Final sub [Mac]

Video subtitles app for Windows: Subtitle maker [Windows]

tutorial: How to create a square video with captions with Keynote

Optional paid online tool:

Tutorial: how to create video with motion graphics on Keynote (hack)

Steal my templates!

Get the Keynote template for the square video, motion graphics and mobile friendly PDF for FREE (I want you to have it because you and I know you’re time is precious)

Email and opt-ins (lead magnets) to read on mobile

You can use Canva, Keynote or any other application that allows you to change dimensions.

Recomended Dimentions for email images and pdf swipe files

PDF Swipe files for mobile: use size 750px x 1334px and minimum font size 32px (this is 2x 16px so in smartphone screens it shows as 16px)

Images for email: 600px in width

Website video background on smartphones

Solve smartphone limitations using GIF backgrounds for mobile only.

GIFs are images with movement, but unlike video, it plays on smartphones automatically. So it will look like your video work on mobile.

Chose only a few seconds of the clip so that you won’t have a heavy file.

How to turn video into GIFs



Get personal on social media

Social list

I know email isn’t going away, but you know the opening rates are dropping. Using social media can help you to get closer to your audience.

You can use Manychat to reach out via message on mobile.

TIP: record an audio and set it as a welcome message. You can do this for other messages too. Audio is more personal than typing or even video on messenger. Friends usualy won’t send a talking head video to their friends but they will send audio.

You can send pictures or video in creative ways too. Just brainstorm. The possibilities are endless.

Facebook live

Another cool right now thing is inviting people to join you on Facebook Lives directly on Facebook.

I’m not talking about using any external tools. Facebook likes Facebook (chocking, uh?). 

Just go live from your phone (this is not available on desktop yet) and ask your audience to watch on their phones.

Swipe left and viewers will appear for you to invite them to join. You can do an interview, Q&A, Giveaway, anything really. You can also allow them to call in.

Final thoughts

To get closer to your audience and connect with ideal clients you need to be real, know who you are and how you want to be seen and communicate. 

Your clients will meet you from a big range of touch points:

  • Your website
  • A video
  • A squeeze page / lead page
  • Thank you pages
  • Facebook page
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads
  • Your emails

You need to make sure all of them reflect who you are.

If you want to express who you are on your brand and website and connect with clients from the moment they land on your website, join the Captivating Communication™ Community on Facebook. 

3 headshot places for a  captivating  sales page that builds trust

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