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Numerology and transformation with Raschell Harlingten

by | Jan 27, 2021

In this episode we talk numerology, some basic keys to make life flow better and a lot of space for you to hum together.

My guest, Raschell Harlingten is a transformational coach and speaker, Real Estate Investor. Certified Subconscious Release Coach, and Reiki practioner.
Her passion is to support women and entrepreneurs worldwide, setting them on a positive and powerful course of personal transformation. As a single mother of two children, she holds the empowerment of youth dear to her heart.

You’ll hear about her path choosing personal power, faith and hope to grant her resilience and strength in life. And her knowledge on numerology is gold.

Hum along and don’t be scared to bring your sound to the world. Wee need it.


NUMEROLOGY TIPS start at 29min.

Pillars of Prosperity – SIGN UP FOR RASCHELL’S WEBINAR HERE [February 17th]

Raschell’s website: http://rootsforsuccess.ca

IG: https://www.instagram.com/roots_for_successltd/

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The Soul Sounds Lighthouse is a portal of energy transmissions from spirit guides streaming light frequencies through sound. These vibrational messages are here to get under your skin activating your soul sounds and guiding your way back home to yourself. 

This podcast is channeled and cocreated for the light beings, frequency holders, conscious creators, intuitives, light workers, light leaders and those remembering.

I’m Lais Scort, a soul seer and magic spaceholder for your inner light to shine through. Enjoy the experience.

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