How to pick the right colors for your website?

5 Jun, 2018 | How to captivate

Picking the right colors for your website is a big deal. You did your research and you know colors have different effects on us.

You’ve found articles and infographics about the psychological effects of each one but you might be confused on how to choose.

Should I go with red to get the sale?

Is it blue better so that people will trust me to buy?

Rule of thumb, you want the colors for your website buttons to contrast from the background color but this doesn’t have to be the main color on your website.

There’s more to using colors for your website and brand than grabbing attention. And it starts to how you want people to feel about you.

Research shows that it’s hard to change people’s first impressions

And our first impression is created in seconds. Not enough time to rely on copy or how qualified you are. You must rely on perception of the mood.

Big brands spend thousands of dollars rebranding and reshaping how you feel about them with both visuals and message.

It’s cheaper to start with the right foot.

You can use colors and other elements to influence how people perceive you seconds.

So lets talk about it.

Hi! New here?

Hi! New here?

I'm Laís

You love what you do and want to attract clients that love it as much as you do. My job is to help you to captivate your ideal clients through your brand and website so that they feel connected to you and trust you.

Pinterest infographics are not wrong 

Yes, colors have different effects on people as well as warm and cold.

Red, pink, orange and yellow inspire action because their wavelength hit our eyes faster. On the opposite side of the spectrum, many websites use blue to inspire trust and calmness.

Contrast and familiarity is more important than the color itself when it comes to helping people use your website and make decisions.

For example: if you’re working with soft muted colors or pastels you can choose one brighter or darker color for buttons or you can use a darker background or even a shadow on buttons to make them look like, well… buttons.

The problem with following general rules to pick colors is that those don’t take in consideration the uniqueness of you and your business (neither the difference shades of each color).

There’s no wrong color but there are wrong colors for your context.

This is the psychological aspect of picking colors for your website but there’s also a ✨cultural✨ aspect.

Culture doesn’t have to be broad.

It can be very specific like:

  • students who love sticky notes and markers
  • moms who dream with a Pinterest perfect cosy home
  • or spiritual women who have a sacred space with crystals where they meditate.

If you consider what’s your ideal client’s dream environment you can make your client feel welcomed and on the right spot on your sales page (or website).


Hint: it’s likely their dream environment it’s very similar to yours.

The colors, images and textures you choose should follow that.

They love pink? Go with it! They want a more natural organic life? Go with greens and natural colors.

This kind of conscious choice has a stronger effect then following your niche or trends because it shows you get them.


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