Transmute pain into insights in a matter of 3 minutes

Imagine having a simple fast-forward way to transmute.

Instead of suffering you naturally get to what you have learned through a situation. Imagine having this skill to alchemize things in a practice that takes you only minutes, not months. Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Now imagine you also have a safe, nourishing space to record them and create a token of your growth. Songs you can listen to over and over or even share if you feel called to it.

You can have this too. 

Song Rite is not only for those who sing and like their voices. Quite the opposite. If this is scary or a block for you it’s even more powerful.

If you were told you couldn’t sing, feel a lump in your throat or love singing but never in front of other people, it’s time to break the silence.

And if you love it, it’s time to expand that passion into creation!

This can be you

I have been listening to the track and sitting here with Misty eyes. It’s so beautiful and pure magic. I love all the vocals, all the support and I’m becoming more comfortable with hearing my voice. My heart is feeling really really full. I’m really grateful and less scared. So thank you.
Ohhhh Lais – Franklin got in the car this morning and wanted “Mummy’s song”
Here’s a couple of clips of him singing along. You can see, I have tears in my eyes 🥲😍🙏🏽
Thank you deeply for creating this magic and healing potion with me. I adore this song 🎶
Oh my gosh, Laís! I don’t even have words. I just listened to this song and it sounds so amazing and scary at the same time. Like oh my god that’s me! And I love everything about it. I have some chills and it means so much to me to be on this journey with you and to also know that you are on this journey with my whole family.
I couldn’t stop listening to it because it just amazes me to feel and see my soul. The pieces of my broken heart right in front of me. It continues to be such a profound experience to listen to this song, this transmission of my pain and hurt and healing. Wow, it’s so powerful.
I’m so proud of this song and I was so nervous singing that song. Thank you for believing me and just letting me be my little weirdo self.
Love how being creative invites more creativity. <3 Songwriting is feeling so supportive for processing the feelings and thoughts of my inner kid and teen -- giving them voice so they feel heard, yet not taking them as gospel truth. Putting them in the framework of a song is this container that keeps them from bleeding into my brain's "operating instructions" ❤️[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section][et_pb_section fb_built="1" _builder_version="4.16" global_colors_info="{}" custom_padding="0px|||||"][et_pb_row _builder_version="4.19.2" max_width="900px" global_colors_info="{}"][et_pb_column type="4_4" _builder_version="4.16" global_colors_info="{}"][et_pb_text _builder_version="4.18.0" global_colors_info="{}"]

I haven’t always felt good about my voice and expression. I used to feel unseen, unheard, like my inner world was to vast to express in words. 

Do you ever feel like you’re not expressing all you have to offer? Like there’s so much it gets stuck in your chest or throat? 

Maybe you journal and get beautiful lessons but words are not enough to anchor them in.

The “not enoughness” ends when we dive into our own powerful presence as creators.

I felt all of that, and to fully express what words alone couldn’t I decided to lean into what l knew can create worlds: sound. Because when immersed in my own sound there’s no doubt I am a creator. I am more than enough, I am ready, I am fully me and present.

When you immerse yourself in your sacred sound you are everything.

Singing and songwriting results in more than self expression and beautiful songs you can listen to. It brings  more confidence too. The reason for this is simple.

When we sing it we become it. It vibrates in our every cell.

If you’re trying to fix something in you while focusing on the wounds you end up constantly reaffirming there’s something wrong with you.

Besides that, it’s almost impossible to spot the sometimes obvious blocks alone because the search for healing often distract us from being.

I’m not here to heal you but to hold space for you to immerse yourself in your own radiance and transmute and anchor your vibration as a creator.

In 60 mins you’ll leave with a new sense of confidence in your divine power, an anchor into your truth and a buzzing expansive energy so that you can take control of your self-image and vibrate at the fully expressed version of you as fast as humming.

Free your true sound and let it move you.

Sound presence. Intentional ritual. Immersive transmission.

this is for

Humans who are:

Willing to wear their heart on their sleeve and be fully seen and loved
Think their message and service deserves to be heard by more people
Have a bigger why than making money in mind
Feel a buzzing excitement and a sense of expansion about this
Can use help cultivating their self-image and self-worth
Always wanted to sing or write a song or, on the other hand, was told you can’t sing and you’re ready to set yourself free to be and do anything you want

You were given this life to create the thing you dream.

I help those who chose to build dreams instead of cages.

Are you feeling your soul saying yes? only $222.

How it works

  1. Fill out the pre call form and schedule
  2. Put it on your calendar. You’ll receive the call link 24 hours before the special day too but it’s great to have it easily accessible in your calendar so you can relax knowing it’s there for you
  3. Join me on Zoom
  4. Enjoy the experience
  5. I’ll send you the recording as well as notes to keep expanding

What happens after that?

You can take these rituals and use them to transmute anything.

You’ll also have the song that came through you in a simple version.

If you feel called to have your song produced to add to your playlists and create your sound legacy we can talk about creating your song in partnership. We do this in the Hot Light Sisterhood and there’s an option to do it separately too.


Hi, I am Lais

I guide soul-led humans to be lighthouses. A sacred space holder, soul seer helping others see that true spark of divine within themselves so that they can expand the light around them.

I help soul-led entrepreneurs and creatives who want to listen to the voice inside, cocreate in spirit and build their dreams.

In the past 5 years working with coaches and entrepreneurs helping them bring their vibration to their brands I’ve learned they’re not that different from artists.

  • They’re creative people
  • They want to be heard and make a difference
  • They put their heart and soul in everything they do, but fear rejection

I brought music and sound to my work with coaches and entrepreneurs and saw them radiating their true selves. Now I’m bringing everything I know to everyone who feels called to create in one way or another.

Like you, I had my moments of self-doubt (and I might still have in the future). I feared being “too much” and therefore dimmed my light. Beneath this is the fear of being seen and criticised for being you, but also the fear of your own power.

Sounds familiar? Maybe you fear failure and, ironically, also fear of success. Maybe there’s a niggling feeling telling you it’s time to break through that fear and shine. You can trust that feeling.

I am here to fire up souls and help you transform your deep soul yearning into the most magical, magnetic and yummy experience you can dream of creating for yourself and your clients. One that can be too much because the more of you the better.

Where should I send it?

Where should I send it?

Where should I send the details?

Where should I send the details?