A sacred soul journey to your temple of ecstatic dreams

Your voice and your imagination are way more powerful than you think  

It’s time to reconnect with a world that’s often dismissed as childish, silly or fantasy and regain that pure confident radiance from within that never left you in the first place.

Soul Sounds Sanctuary is a sacred soul journey to the temple of ecstatic dreams. Connect with the imaginal realm and with your sound current and the beauty of it.

A flood of beautiful sound sensations that permeate reality and bypass any fears that you once may have had.

This sounds are your sounds and they carry a frequency that no one can carry for you. You have your own magnetic frequency and you have the power to change the reality you’re seeing.

You’re invited to tune into your imagination and all the inner worlds that were once reserved only for the dream world and finding that pleasure of been human.

This deep deep deep waters of the imaginal realms comes up to the surface to be experienced wild awake in a land where reality and imagination have no boundaries and everything is you and you are everything

There’s a boat just waiting for you to set sail, and keep sailing into the ecstatic waters of your inner being.

Are you coming?

Is this for you? 

Soul Sounds Sanctuary is for the passionate soul-led woman who knows intuitively there’s so much more to life. This is what you’ve been craving for but never knew where to find.

This is you if:


you know you still hold back a little bit and you’re ready for the full expression of your being 


you enjoy your daily rituals and you’re craving higher states of connection with your higher-self and spirit in full trust


you experienced ecstatic alignment (or maybe you’re yet to experience it now) and you wonder how to keep that radiant connection open

When we break through the fear of being seen and heard as we express ourselves magic happens.

Yes, I’m talking about immersing yourself into your dream world. And yes, I’m talking about singing your heart out.

You’re invited to dive deep and then cocreate your soul’s song completely immersed in your higher self.

This is what you’ve been craving for but never knew where to find.

Embody with your highest expression and inner guidance in pure atunement to consciousness and ecstatic bliss and bring it out.

We use sound, movement, music and breathwork to bring our spirit into our senses.
You’ll ease into journeying, voiceplay and channeled singing in a seamless experience to truly feel light moving through you.

Yes, everyone can channel and everyone can sing. It’s all within you, it’s your moment and I’m guiding you and holding space for you to go there.

This is Radiance Rituals taken to the next level!

What’s in it?

Here’s what happens in this 90 min session:


You’ll be guided on an ecstatic experience channeled uniquelly for your soul’s moment. Astrology, your answers and our guides are supporting us here.

The journey is yours and I’ll guide you through sounds, songs and singing. Once you arrive to your beautiful temple, your sanctuary it’s time to concreate with your soul sounds.
You’ll connect with your own sound, voice and vibration. You carry a frequency that no one can carry for you. Your sound has power.

You’ll get the recordings of your full session, the journeying and the singing in separate files. You’ll have your soul journey to experience again whenever you want it and your soul song to listen as your personal track.

Why now?

Because your soul is longing for the truth and trust that can only be experienced in full connection with spirit in the core of your being.
Your spirit is calling you home.

Energy Exchange


Are you feeling a yes?

Hi, I am Lais

I guide soul-led women to be captivating lighthouses through Astrology, Radiance Rituals and Aligned Branding.

I am a soul seer revealing people’s essence and vibration and activating the parts of you that have been hidden.

Like you, I had my moments of self-doubt (and I might still have in the future). I feared being “too much” and therefore dimmed my light. Beneath this is the fear of being seen and criticised for being you, but also the fear of your own power.

Sounds familiar? Maybe you fear failure and, ironically, also fear of success. Maybe there’s a niggling feeling telling you it’s time to break through that fear and shine. You can trust that feeling.

I am here to fire up souls and help you transform your deep soul yearning into the most magical, magnetic and yummy experience you can dream of creating for yourself and your clients. One that can be too much because the more of you the better.

Where should I send it?

Where should I send it?

Where should I send the details?

Where should I send the details?