Group + 1:1 to give voice to your soul

Ignite your soul through sound and hear beyond words and worlds

Sound Dreamers Immersion was an experience of the power of letting yourself be led in everything you create. I shared my ways to connect with the divine through sacred sound and holding space for you to cocreate in spirit.

Now we’ll go deeper. In this 3 days workshop you’ll live the catharsis of sound and light up the fire of imagination fulled by feeling and inspiration. Then anchor it into a song. No need to have attended the previous one to be part of this.

If you’re sharing a message and spreading a high vibration through your business or through music and feel called to express your voice, this is for you. No need to be a singer.

Either if you feel in a creative block, is craving present time or just know it’s easier and more joyful to walk together than alone, let’s make this time special.

Free your true sound and let it move you.

Sound presence. Intentional ritual. Immersive transmission.

Are you coming?

This workshop is for 


CREATIVE ONES who want to listen to their voice and the One inside and cocreate in spirit.


SOUL-LED ENTREPRENEURS who are missing that playfulness and connection that only singing brings.


ARTISTS who have a spiritual side but struggle to bring it into creation.


MUSICIANS with great creativity who think they can’t sing or your voice is not good. You can reconnect and free your true sound and love it.


THOSE CALLED to understand the power of sound and share your voice instead of shutting it.

If you’re asking

“But do I have to sing in front of people?” 

The answer is no. You’ll sing on your side of the screen and you only share if you want.

I will invite everyone to participate in some moments but you’re free to choose.

You were given this life to create the thing you dream.

I help those who chose to build dreams instead of cages.

What’s in it?

Here’s the breakdown of what we’ll be doing.

Sound in
your body

Naad: awakening truth through sound

  • Chakra toning
  • Vibration to move and build energy
  • Spirit inside you (inspiration)

Tuning your instrument (sound through the body)

  • Movement & Breath
  • Sound, Harmony & Resonance

Sound exploration

  • Voiceplay
  • Sound through the chakras
  • Entrance

Listen the sound within


  • Being a hollow bone, conduit, vessel
  • Listening to inspiration
  • Listening beyond words and worlds. Reaching beyond the veil.

Channeling sounds & songs

  • Based on feeling
  • Channel writing

The sound of your soul

Creating a journey

  • Structure to the experience
  • Feel into it

Tapping into an energy

  • Channel from and experience, higher self, spirit, the collective, someone specifically

Sounds and feelings

  • How different sounds, chords, harmonies, breath make us feel
  • Inflection in the voice

Week 4

We close this magical time together celebrating and sharing. We want to hear you but you don’t have to share if it feels like too much. You only share what and if you feel called to.

You have access recorded classes + practice videos and audios to use in your journey with sound.

Tuning in your instrument practice

Video practice + Audio with the harmonium sound in each key for practice

Singing through chakras practice

Audio: chakra sound meditation

Channeling through VoicePlay and automatic writing practices

Audio: guided introduction for you to take from here

How sound makes you feel?

The emotion of music and sound. Examples & guided practice.

Videos about the power of sound

Song structure: The journey

Technique meets feelings: Expression through sound

The song alchemy process: Using music for catharsis. How to create your cathartic song.

Energy Exchange


We start Saturday Oct 08 2022

Are you feeling your soul saying yes?

Hi, I am Lais

I guide soul-led humans to be lighthouses. A sacred space holder, soul seer helping others see that true spark of divine within themselves so that they can expand the light around them.

I help soul-led entrepreneurs and creatives who want to listen to the voice inside, cocreate in spirit and build their dreams.

In the past 5 years working with coaches and entrepreneurs helping them bring their vibration to their brands I’ve learned they’re not that different from artists.

  • They’re creative people
  • They want to be heard and make a difference
  • They put their heart and soul in everything they do, but fear rejection

I brought music and sound to my work with coaches and entrepreneurs and saw them radiating their true selves. Now I’m bringing everything I know to everyone who feels called to create in one way or another.

Like you, I had my moments of self-doubt (and I might still have in the future). I feared being “too much” and therefore dimmed my light. Beneath this is the fear of being seen and criticised for being you, but also the fear of your own power.

Sounds familiar? Maybe you fear failure and, ironically, also fear of success. Maybe there’s a niggling feeling telling you it’s time to break through that fear and shine. You can trust that feeling.

I am here to fire up souls and help you transform your deep soul yearning into the most magical, magnetic and yummy experience you can dream of creating for yourself and your clients. One that can be too much because the more of you the better.

Where should I send it?

Where should I send it?

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Where should I send the details?