The best investment I’ve made in my business

23 Jul, 2018 | Captivating tips

It’s no exaggeration to say Kendrick Shope changed my business and life. Just so that you know, I’m not an affiliate.

Yes, I can proudly say Kendrick is my client this year and if you decide to join I believe you’ll be amazed by the new Sales School experience. But that’s not why I wrote this.

I just genuinely need to share what helped me because I know a lot of business owners struggle when it comes to sales and it doesn’t have to be that way. There is an authentic way of doing this and Sales School is the place to learn it.

Here’s my video testimonial and bellow you can learn about the specifics and comparisons.

Hi! New here?

Hi! New here?

I'm Laís

You love what you do and want to attract clients that love it as much as you do. My job is to help you to captivate your ideal clients through your brand and website so that they feel connected to you and trust you.

Is Sales School worth it?

I knew I had to join Sales School when I heard Kendrick Shope on Being Boss podcast. I immediately thought:

Yes! This is what I need!

I wasn’t treating my business as a business and I definitely wasn’t selling.

I was keeping my money to join the next round of B-School but I knew in my guy Sales School was for me and joined in a leap of faith.

The best decision I ever made.

Trusting the red head pays of.

Before Sales School I knew almost nothing about how to run an online business.

I was a local designer relying on referrals afraid of offering a package because I had no idea how to explain what the package would do for them.

I was selling features, not the benefits of what I offer, something you’ll learn in depth in Sales School.

Here’s the crucial things Sales School taught me:

  • How to show the value of my offers and why it matters to my clients
  • How to sell a signature package instead of scattered services
  • How to write copy that sells
  • How to have consults that feel good! And get people excited to buy
  • How to get attention on social media for my freebies without being salesy
  • How to follow up and overcome objections without being pushy
  • How to run an online business (yes, Kendrick gives you an action plan plus many take and tweaks that make for an easy start).

What this meant for my business was:

  • I launched my website a few weeks after Sales School with copy Kendrick approved created during Sales School
  • I stopped doing only what my clients asked and started offering a package that really believe will get them results.
  • doubled my income in the first year after Sales School (This year I’m still growing with less clients)
  • I raised my prices twice and I’m still selling
  • I never discounted again
  • I met amazing women who became friends
  • My first international clients were women I met in Sales School
  • I know I will close around 80%-90% of sales calls
  • And I’m working with ideal amazing clients from anywhere in the world.

Sales School literally opened a whole world for me. Kendrick made me rethink my whole value proposition and even what I could offer.

What Kendrick teaches is something I use everyday, every time I write an email, a blog post, an outline for a video and you will too. I just can’t put a price in it.

You might ask: How’s Sales School compared to B-School?

I know B-School is the first contact with online business for many but I don’t think doing B-School first would have served me. In Sales School you’re really supported live while in B-School support is very limited.

After Sales School I took 90 Day Year (the playbook version) because I needed to create more structure to serve the amount of clients coming and keep the other parts of the business working.

This year I took B-School simply because now I could and I wanted to make sure I was checking all the boxes.

B-School has fantastic worksheets and lessons that can improve your business in the long run if you put all the work in it. The ones I applied so far gave me big insights but it’s a ton of content to go through in 8 weeks. I would say B-School is really self-paced and you need to discover your way through it.

I still can’t say clearly what B-School did for me in terms of specific results because I wasn’t able to implement everything yet. What I can say is Marie:

  • validated my approach to branding and web design
  • taught me how to create an outstanding course environment experience for clients 
  • and got me clearer on saying no to “opportunities” that aren’t aligned with my goals

I’m sure I’ll see more results in a near future.

90 Day Year also has an amazing workbook that can shift gears if you put the time and effort to implement. Definitely did it for me. Here’s my key takeaways:

  • helped me see the big picture and start thinking strategically
  • gave me a structure to plan and implement
  • showed me how to be more effective

Both courses helped me but no other program gives as much support and instant results as Sales School is capable of.

Sales School is different because of 3 things:

  1. It is specifically designed to help you make money by giving you tools and strategies you can put in use right now and enjoy the results.
  2. It doesn’t feel like a distant online course where it’s all on you. Kendrick is there for you LIVE with her southern warmth and shooting straight when needed. You have to do the work (of course you do!) but if and when you get stuck you get tons of support and tweaks to make it work for your business.
  3. The continued education. Kendrick is one of the most generous kind woman I know and she walks her talk about over-delivering. Since I joined I got free coaching call, extra tutor times, a call with Danielle Laporte, a Desire Map Planner delivered on my mailbox. All of that because Kendrick is an amazing blessed human being who loves on her clients.

Still not sure if it’s worth it? I understand.

This decision wasn’t easy for me either.

  • I had just quit working as a contractor with an agency to turn my side gig in branding and web design into a real business.
  • I was charging very low prices and getting asked for discounts all the time.
  • We were in crisis time in Brazil, where I live, and Sales School investment was 7K in Brazilian currency.

My decisions sounded irrational, but I knew in my gut I wanted more for myself. And, as a Scorpio rising, I also knew nothing is forever and having a contract didn’t meant security anyway. Crisis time, remember?

Sales School was an investment in myself. And even with the exchange rate it paid itself multiple times quicker that I could ever imagine (and I was still working only with clients in Brazil at the time). Just imagine what it can do for you.

If you:

  1. Know you have something amazing to offer
  2. Are not afraid to do the work and hear feedback and
  3. Just need to be able to get more clients

Sales School is for you. And it can change everything.

Sales School is open until August 27. Check here if you’re ready to start getting results. And comment here what do you think about the sales page. I’m the proud designer ?.

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