How Trust personalities express on their website

17 Apr, 2018 | How to captivate

This is week 5 of Sally Hogshead’s Fascination System applied to your visual identity.

Knowing the best way communicate, your languages of fascination, can help you thrive in person and boost your confidence as well.

The whole point of this series is show you how to get the same amazing first impressions on your website.

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Hi! New here?

Hi! New here?

I'm Laís

You love what you do and want to attract clients that love it as much as you do. My job is to help you to captivate your ideal clients through your brand and website so that they feel connected to you and trust you.

Trust language traits

  • consistent
  • stable
  • familiar
  • You feel like you know them
  • You can rely on them
  • They do what they say
  • Follow-through
  • Build loyalty over time
  • Like routine and tried and true
  • Don’t like change

How to express trust on your website

Play with things your ideal clients are familiar with, things they have and things they like.

Make people feel at home in your website. Be the calming familiar presence.

Don’t be afraid of sounding or looking cheesy or cliche. Those things can be refreshing when so many are trying to be cool.

For headshots, go for classic, traditional look and ask for pictures on eye level, like you’re close to them. Or even slightly above.

Avoid disruptive things and breaking the mold. Trust is powerful exactly because we know what to expect.

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3 headshot places for a  captivating  sales page that builds trust

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