Why we love infographics

31 Jul, 2018 | How to captivate

You’ve seen them on Pinterest. Infographics are no longer only pie charts and bar charts. They have taken over the internet in many formats and there’s a reason to pay attention.

What makes them so addictive can also make your website, specially sales pages for your offers, irresistible too.

Hi! New here?

Hi! New here?

I'm Laís

You love what you do and want to attract clients that love it as much as you do. My job is to help you to captivate your ideal clients through your brand and website so that they feel connected to you and trust you.

Why we can’t resist to infographics?

1. They deliver beautiful visual information

Humans are visual. We enjoy seeing you and things. Infographics mix visual information and content in a way that makes it is to absorb information. Images and colors can evoke emotion making the information stick.

2. They make us feel smarter

Somethings are better understood visually. By making complex information simple and easy to digest, infographics give us the “Oh! Now I get it!” feeling.

3. They help us see the big picture

You can explain whole processes and journeys that would take 400 pages in copy in just one page. Of course it might not have the details but definitely tells the key points and makes it easy to understand the big picture.

Why you should care about infographics?

Because the same principles apply to get people to read your copy AND to help ideal clients understand the value you offer.

Imagine you have an program that creates deep transformation for your clients. It can be hard to explain how it works before they experience it themselves, right?

What if instead of trying to explain you could show?

When you use images that support what you’re saying you’re not only illustrating your website and making it prettier.

You can mix visuals and copy to:

  • Make the information easy to digest and to stick
  • Show what is waiting for them
  • Make them feel like they can do it
  • Help them see the big picture and where they’re going
  • Associate what they want to your brand and offer through the power of emotions

Yes, you can create an infographic to explain your program. Or you can mix infographic and magazine principles to create irresistible content that gets read.

How to apply it in 10 steps

  1. Break your copy in sections
  2. Read your copy thinking in images that illustrate what you want to say in each section
  3. Add comments to your copy with possible images for each section
  4. Break key information, like your program details, into bullet points
  5. Break bullet points into 2 parts: concept and explanation. (break it a third time if needed)
  6. Check what can make it easier to digest. Numbers? A scheme? Images? Icons?
  7. Check this article to bring the magazine feel to it (with examples)
  8. Check this other article to avoid the mistakes that make people don’t read your sales page.
  9. Shoot the images you need (or find them) and create the graphics
  10. Bring it all together and make sure it has a cohesive look

Or you can get some help

I can help you map your captivating sales page based on your copy and get the right images so that your ideal clients know in their gut you have what they want.

Let’s grab a coffee and chat about this exclusive session. Free of charge. Let’s chat about it and you decide if you need help or if you prefer DIY.

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