Soul Sounds Lighthouse

Make less sense, make more meaning

by | Oct 27, 2020

This podcast was inspired by a conversation with my friend and story magician, Megan Barnhard, who’s going to be in the podcast soon. Make less sense, make more meaning. So I opened to channel unfiltered, just voicing what sounds came through without the need to understand and make sense this time.

Me and Megan are bringing the Sound Your Story workshop on November 15. This is a sacred circle to find your voice and lead with love, so you can transmute old stories into powerful anchors of who you truly want to be and what reality you want to create.

This might look like fully embodying stories that right now feel like “not a big deal” or that you don’t have the right to own. Or it might look like resignifying stories that currently feel heavy, and seeing how they were actually key steps along the path to who you are meant to be.

Learn more and sign up for the SOUND YOUR STORY workshop by clicking here.

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The Soul Sounds Lighthouse is a portal of energy transmissions from spirit guides streaming light frequencies through sound. These vibrational messages are here to get under your skin activating your soul sounds and guiding your way back home to yourself. 

This podcast is channeled and cocreated for the light beings, frequency holders, conscious creators, intuitives, light workers, light leaders and those remembering.

I’m Lais Scort, a soul seer and magic spaceholder for your inner light to shine through. Enjoy the experience.

Connect with me: IG @laisscort

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