WordPress website too slow? Let’s solve it!

27 Feb, 2018 | Captivating tips | 0 comments

Nobody likes to wait for a webpage to load. Sometimes we just skip it. That why having a fast website very important.

There are many factors involved in making your website faster:

  • Fast hosting
  • Clean code
  • Cache
  • Smart backup
  • Helpful plugins

Today’s tip is about the last three.

Hi! New here?

Hi! New here?

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Cache is a static version of your pages that are stored to serve faster to your visitors. You can create it with a plugin.

I recommend Comet Cache which is free and easy to set up.

Another common one is WP Total Cache but it’s complicated to set up and can break your website if you do something wrong. Comet Cache is safer, cleaner, easier and my go too cache plugin.


Backing up your website is a vital process to protect your online business, but it can slow down your website when it’s running. If you have tons of content published it can be a big problem.

Rule of thumb, you want to set your backups for when you have less traffic coming to your site, meaning when most people are sleeping. But if you have an online business you might have traffic anytime.

That’s where WP Time Capsule comes in. This is a free plugin (there’s a paid option but most don’t need it) that does incremental backups.

This means it only backs up the changes you make instead of downloading a huge file of your entire website every time.

Don’t forget to deactivate other auto backup plugins after that.

Other smart plugins

There are a few other plugins that make your website faster. Here’s my very short list of faves:

That’s it for today. This is a short but very actionable one.

Do your business a favor and speed up your website!

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