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Sound your Story with Megan Barnhard

by | Nov 9, 2020

What happens when two women ruled by Mercury channel and sing together? That’s what you’ll find out today!

In this episode I joined forces with Megan Barnhard the story magician and genius bringing Sound Your Story to you with me. I’m so excited for this partnership and this episode shows a bit why.

Megan is a Gemini with Moon in Virgo and Sagittarius rising. She was put in the world to write, tell stories and help others write, tell stories and make meaning of their stories (that beautiful Sagittarius touch).

I’m a Virgo, Moon in Aries and Scorpio rising. I’m here to use my voice too, and to invite others to dive deep into play, challenging people to express themselves and create transformation by using their voice.

We’re creating tidal waves in sound waves, brain waves, light waves entrained.

This is a soul conversation and, of course, singing and poetry come through because that’s the language our souls are excited about. We create as we speak it. We invite spirit to play.

We’ve built a big energetic vortex in this episode and you’re invited to expand, swirl and hum with us.

Of course we also talked about why we’re so passionate about Sound Your Story, which happens in the next 2 New Moons, November 15 and December 14. This is in the second part of the episode. You can still join us (more in the show notes).

Also in the show notes, a freebie from Megan to trick you into writing (yes, that easy).


Megan Barnhard helps bold thinkers embrace their authentic voice and write their magic messaging.

With 14 years’ experience as a writing coach and business owner, Megan knows the power of authentic storytelling—and also how challenging it can be to see your own beautiful, messy story.

She uses her Story Magician superpowers to help entrepreneurs connect the dots and find their writing flow so they magnetically attract the clients they feel called to serve.

In addition to coaching, Megan has authored 3 books about the writing process, blogged about writing for over 6 years, and penned copy for online marketing experts and a New York Times best-selling author.


INSTAGRAM: @writewithmegan
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/writeinflow
WEBSITE: http://meganbarnhard.com/
FREEBIE: The magic 3-step trick to turn chaos into clarity and start writing right now


Sound your story workshop workshop. A sacred circle to find your voice and lead with love. Sign up for $77 clicking here.

Sign up for Sound Your Story workshop

Song mentioned by Megan: Magic question by Fia

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I’m Lais Scort, a soul seer and magic spaceholder for your inner light to shine through. Enjoy the experience.

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